Make Smarter Eating Choices With GoBe, Monitor Tracks Your Calorie Intake an Burn (video)

Disclaimer: GoBe was a fraudulent crowd funding campaign

If you’re looking to live a more healthy lifestyle or are looking to drop some weight, chances are you’re probably on some kind of diet that tracks calories. Instead of trying to find apps to do it, the GoBe monitor does it for you through your skin. The band automatically measures your calorie intake as well as how many calories you’ve burned, your activity, hydration, sleep, stress levels and so much more. And all the info is delivered right to your smartphone for easy observation and analysis. You won’t have to log or guess how many calories you’re taking it and working off since it precisely calculates calorie intake, burn, and metabolic rate during any activity.


It measure calories consumed through your skin using Healbe FLOW Technology that combines nique algorithm with measurements from the body manager’s pressure, accelerometer, and impedance sensors to show you calories consumed; metabolic rate and calories burned during any activity; hydration; sleep; and stress. And since it’s wearable, you never have to worry about tracking anything. The wristband also sports a sleek design that’s waterproof so you can wear it all day, even in the shower or while out for a swim. And its simple digital display is easy to read and gives you instant access to your body’s data. When it’s all out of juice after three days of typical use, just charge it one hour and it’s ready to go again.


With its app, all the info you need to find the right balance in your healthy life is transmitted from the device to your smartphone on an ongoing basis via Bluetooth every time you activate the app. It stores all the info you need to find out what you’re eating and burning so that you can reach your goals easier. It even tells you your hydration levels and sleep phases. Get yours for $199 with estimated delivery this June.

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