Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard

When you can work while mobile you get a lot more done, but that’s not always easy if you don’t have the right gear. Portable keyboards can be a real pain for instance, whether they are too big or too small, or uncomfortable. Sometimes the keys aren’t big enough for your fingers.

This Keyboard Will Help You Get Work Done

One good option for getting work done on the go is the Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard from Goldtouch. This is a keyboard that will help you get things done when you are out of the office. It’s sleek, slim and lightweight. Unlike other travel ergonomic keyboards, this one doesn’t sacrifice comfort for convenience. The Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboards have full-sized keys that are silent, fast and responsive.

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That means that your fingers won’t hit the wrong keys and make extra work for you. There’s nothing worse than a small keyboard that forces you to go back and correct all of the typos caused by your big fingers. This keyboard unfolds in the center so that you can create your perfect fit. It adjusts from 0º to 30º along the horizontal and vertical planes.

The Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard is designed for comfort and precision. It even has a scissor-switch system for fluid, silent keystrokes with tactile feedback. It doesn’t matter if you are using an airplane tray table, or working on a hotel desk, this slim keyboard fits almost anywhere.

Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard
This keyboard is super portable.

Designed For Portability

It also folds down to a compact size, making it easy to travel with. Stow it in a backpack, or in your suitcase. The Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, and 2000, and Mac 10.4 and above. This keyboard also has multimedia key support for Windows and Mac OS.

This keyboard is going to really improve your workflow since it makes working on the go a breeze. And the more you can get done, the more free time you will have.

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