Go Smile Travel Toothbrush Uses Magic Blue Light – But Does it Work?

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Updated June 27, 2022

Are you on the hunt for the best electric toothbrush for your bathroom or a holiday gift? Take a look at this new $80 sonic model from Go Smile.

It comes with several interesting features that make it a strong replacement for your current sonic toothbrush (especially if it’s a few years old). Let’s take a look at what makes it special:

  • Travel-sized design: One of the flaws in earlier sonic toothbrush models is that they were large – often uncomfortably large, and difficult to maneuver. Here “travel-sized” means “a size that is actually easy to use and store.” If you’ve been turned off by electronic toothbrushes in the past because they are too large, then you may find this model fits your criteria.
  • Two modes: There’s a gentle mode and a regular mode on the Go Smile brush. This is surprisingly useful when brushing, allowing people to pay more attention to their gums and other sensitive areas without skipping them, but switching back to a more powerful mode when necessary.
Toothbrush: Go Smile Tooth Whitening
Go Smile’s blue light tech is….interesting.
  • A USB charging cable: Many electronic brushes use an inductive charger that you need to plug into an outlet. These too tend to be large, cumbersome, and get dirty very easily, requiring a lot of maintenance. It’s a relief, then, that toothbrushes are moving to a USB option for charging. It makes it much easier to bring your toothbrush along when traveling, and is generally a far easier charging option.
  • It comes with tooth whitening and blue light: This is simple: it’s just an accessory that you have to apply like toothpaste. However, there are some odd claims about “blue light” in the description here: Apparently, the toothbrush emits blue lightwaves, which in turn somehow activate the tooth whitening gel and makes it work better, as well as killing bacteria in your mouth. Is this a real thing? Well, some compounds can be activated by specific types of radiation (cavity fillers and epoxy compounds, for example), so that could hold up, although there’s not much confirming evidence about Go Smile’s formula. However, while blue light has been used as an acne treatment in the past, there doesn’t seem to be much research on how it can kill bacteria in your mouth (although it’s probably not harmful).
  • Doubles as Normal Electric Toothbrush: Yes, you can add toothpaste. In fact, they suggest that you add toothpaste along with the included gel, and brush your teeth as you normally would to maximize results (and your time).

Look, the science behind teeth whitening is complex and mixed, but if you or a friend would like to whiten teeth, this does appear one of the safer methods of doing so – and it comes with relatively good reviews. Note that, as with other electronic models, you’ll probably have to replace the brush every few months as they wear out.

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