GM’s EN-V Network Connected Electric Vehicle Is Dripping In Future Tech, But Can It Succeed At Saving The Earth Let Alone Drivers

If GM’s EN-V vehicle, which was unveiled last week, looks familiar to you, don’t worry, you don’t stand alone.  It uses the same battery technology found in the PUMA, which GM announced earlier 2009, and if you ask us takes many a design cue, though this version is much more refined.

On board is a set of batteries that will propel the all electric two seater vehicle up to 25 mph for a total of 25 miles on a single charge; presumably enough for a city dweller to commute to and from work.  The EN-V, pronounced “Envy”, measures 5′ by 5′ and according to its maker up to 5 of them can fit in an average sized parking spot (insert tandem parking nightmare image).

The vehicle, with passengers inside weighs about 880lbs.  Thanks to a set of advanced electronics (digital maps, roadway and vehicle sensors, cameras) and GPS system, the vehicle can drive itself without the need for a set of hands to be on the controls.  If the driver so opts, they can link up with other EN-V vehicles and form a train like system while commuting, which adds another layer of safety and realibility, though this would be purely optional.

Don’t expect the EN-V to go on sale any time soon.  But if you happen to live in Shanghai, China you can get a hands on look when it goes on display May 1st at the Shanghai Expo, which runs for 6 months.


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