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Not all of the Best GPS Tracker apps have to be paid options. And the Glympse GPS tracking app is the living proof of that. It is a fantastic free option that you can download from official sources. It is, in fact, so good that it deserves to be on the top of your shortlist if you are looking for the Best GPS Phone Tracker apps.

Why We Like It – Glympse

The Glympse app is fantastic in its own right. It’s an entirely free app available to download right from the official Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. And you can use Glympse to share your location and/or your ETA to a particular destination easily with your friends.

  • No sign up required
  • Share location to someone who doesn’t have the app
  • Fantastic navigation capabilities
  • Few compatibility issues with newer versions of Android and iOS


Unlike the FamilyTime Parental Controls & Screen Time App, the performance impact is absolutely negligible. And it doesn’t do much stuff in the background anyways other than real time location tracking. So, it doesn’t really have much reason to use resources.


Just like the performance, the battery life degradation off of it is also negligible if you use Glympse. You just mainly share location using this app, so other than the location services, there’s nothing else really to hog up resources.

Ease Of Use

The UI and UX of this app are vastly better than something you might find in the Cocospy app. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not feature-rich. You can share location (real time location), ETA, find friends or family members in concerts or hugely crowded areas if you use Glympse.


Just like the Life360 GPS Tracker, this GPS tracking app also is an Editors’ Choice Award winning app on the Google Play Store. So, don’t worry; your data stays safe all the time.


The app is literally free, and there are no sign-ups required. It really doesn’t get any better than that. The sad truth is, in the market of spy apps, very few applications are actually like the one Glympse Inc made.

Glympse Wrap Up

Overall, the Glympse real time location tracking app is a fantastic app developed by Glympse Inc. But the new versions of Google Maps and Apple Maps already have a few of these functions built-in (e.g., share location). And that slightly hurts the overall appeal of this GPS tracking app.

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