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Glow is a show within a show. During the first season, Ruth is trying to get a role in this wrestling show that features mainly female wrestlers. The director, Sam Sylvia, is often a jerk to the ladies because he feels like the most important person in the room and hates having his time wasted. Throughout the series, the actresses work through his toxicity while also trying their absolute best to kill their roles in the show. A dramatic show as this is comparable to other great series like Breaking Bad.

Why We Like It – Glow Review

GLOW is an acronym that stands for the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. In this series, you will see actresses tear each other up physically and mentally for an opportunity to star in this meta-show. The actresses will not only be forced to adapt to strange roles, but also work through their toxic director’s degrading tendencies. This wrestling show is on our Best Shows On Netflix.

  • Hilarious wrestling moments
  • Good costumes
  • It is full of hypocrites


Alison Brie stars as Ruth. She is a desperate, but dedicated actress that goes through many obstacles to gain her role in this wrestling show. Betty Gilpin is Debbie, and she gets to play one of the main roles in GLOW after a real confrontation with Ruth. During the show, expect to see the director Sam treat his actresses poorly by harshly judging them for their supposed poor acting. If these toxic situations don’t sit right with you, another good series is Avatar: The Last Airbender, a family-friendly show.


During the first season of GLOW, you will see the actresses try their best to be placed into the show. Ali Goldstein provided camera shots for this Netflix series. The women face scrutiny amongst each other and their director. Their wrestling costumes are reminiscent of the old WWF days because of their ridiculousness. They do enforce racial stereotypes into their wrestling characters. These stereotypes might offend some people, so another show that is a good alternative is Big Mouth.


As the actresses try to make it in Los Angeles, they face many barriers in regards to toxic masculinity. These series’ show the difficulties women face when they have a male gatekeeper in the entertainment industry that constantly tries to mold them into their own vision rather than allowing a woman to act more freely. Credit to the producer Liz Flahive for making an impactful and entertaining series. Season three will be a breeze to catch up on since every episode is filled with exciting wrestling matches and hilarious moments between the actresses.

Glow Review Wrap Up

The GLOW seasons will have you hooked from the first episode as you see these actresses perform their hearts out to win the heart of their director. This series is currently on its third season, so tune in to see what happens to the actresses when it is time to show the world that they are the gorgeous ladies of wrestling.

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