GL.iNet GL-E750 Review

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Updated March 4, 2023
94 Expert Rating

LTE routers aren’t regarded as one of the best router options by most. But they are fantastic for travelers as they provide Wi-Fi-based internet connection in places where there’s no public Wi-Fi. If you like having one in hand just in case, the GL.iNet GL-E750 4G LTE router is a great one to go for. If it weren’t for its high price, it would’ve been the top contender for the best travel router throne right now.

Why We Like It – GL.iNet GL-E750

Unlike the HooToo TripMate Titan, the GL.iNet GL-E750 is a router that can convert the standard 4G LTE internet to Wi-Fi. And you can get a LAN output too, using the included USB C replicator. Overall, it’s pretty much just a great portable device for getting an internet connection in places where there is no public Wi-Fi.

  • Dual band LTE Router
  • USB C interface
  • Up to 433 Mbps data transfer rate over the 5 GHz Wi Fi band
  • No option to hide SSID and password information on the display


The performance of this MUDI GL E750 might sound like it is top-notch. But when you bring in price to the factor, it sounds pretty weak. It can transfer data at up to 433 Mbps on its 5 GHz Wi-Fi band. Their own GL.iNet GL-AR750S can also do that as well, for almost three times less the price. Alternatively, for a solid 1Gbps, you’ll like the Netgear Nighthawk MR1100.


The range of this router is actually pretty good, even better than something like the GL.iNET GL-AR150. And if you want a straight ethernet connection, the USB C port and the included USB C port replicator (hub) enable users to both deliver power into the MUDI GL E750 and get an ethernet port (LAN output) at the same time. Be sure to check our TP Link WR802N review.


Unlike the TP Link WR802N or any other cheap routers in its class, this travel router is actually pretty well made. And its interface is solid and secure too. It also has support for OpenVPN Wireguard VPN protocols, effectively giving users an easy way to set up custom servers from over 60 VPN service providers. But for a look at the durable router/modems all-in-one, we recommend checking out our list.

Ease Of Use

As is the case with every GL.iNET travel router, it comes with OpenWRT pre-installed. It’s very light on the SoC, and it doesn’t hang often. However, this travel router does have a problem of randomly starting up, and losing battery in the process. It happens even if you shut it down using the power button.


This is the part where the question would pretty much go back to you, the user. As an LTE router, this MUDI GL E750 is pretty great. However, is it really worth spending 160 bucks for? If you really need an LTE router like this one, the MUDI GL E750 is indeed worth the money.

GL.iNet GL-E750 Wrap Up

If you need a portable Wi-Fi router with a type C port, the GL.iNet GL-E750 is an excellent option to pick up. But a slightly lower MSRP would definitely have been beneficial for users.

Debanjan Chowdhury Profile image