Giinii 8-inch Ultra-Thin Digital Picture Frame Review


By: Wallace Wang

Most people capture pictures using digital cameras, yet they often print their images and store them in frames to hang on a wall or prop on a desk. Rather than waste time printing out an image on paper, use a digital picture frame instead, such as the Giinii Ultra-Thin Digital Picture Frame.

The Giinii Digital Picture Frame is essentially a monitor with its own memory, USB port, and flash card reader. Using a USB cable, you can transfer images from a computer into the Ginii Digital Picture Frame built-in memory. As an alternative, you can also store images on a USB flashdrive and plug it into the picture frame’s USB port, or you can store images on a flash card (Secure Digital, Memory Stick, xD, Compact Flash, or MultiMedia Card) and plug the flash card into the built-in card reader.

No matter how you get images into the picture frame, you’ll need to save those images as JPEG, GIF, or TIF file formats. Now you can play a slideshow of your images with random transition effects, essentially displaying you a new image every few seconds. If viewing your images one at a time seems too boring, the picture frame offers a collage feature so you can view multiple images at once.

Besides viewing digital images, the picture frame can also play audio (MP3 and WMA) and video (AVI and MOV) files so you can watch video clips or listen to music. You can even tilt the frame sideways (landscape mode) or vertically (portrait mode).

The picture frame’s 8-inch screen displays images in 800 x 600 resolution, which is adequate, but you may notice that images may not appear as sharp as they do when viewed on your computer or digital camera. The frame itself is remarkably thin at 0.78 inches thick, which makes it easy to hang on a wall.

Although the frame itself is encased in white plastic, the front of the frame sports a metallic finish. If you don’t like this metallic frame, you can use the optional wooden frame to create a more traditional picture frame appearance. Wherever you place your picture frame, you’ll need to put it near an electrical wall outlet so you can plug it in.

For added versatility, this picture frame also includes a clock so you can set alarms and wake to music and pictures or video. Put the picture frame in sleep mode and it will dim its screen and mute any audio files you might normally have playing. Then at a designated time, the alarm will go off, play your music and display your images to wake you up each morning.

To control the picture frame, you can use the built-in controls hidden in its back, or use the included remote control so you can program your picture frame from across the room. Put in images that represent the goals you want to achieve and every morning, your picture frame can remind you of your dreams by showing you pictures of what you want.

If you’re learning a foreign language, create images that display a foreign word followed by its English translation. Now place the picture frame by your desk and glance at it for a quick refresher on your foreign language vocabulary.

By exercising your creativity, you can turn the Giinii Digital Picture Frame into something more than just a way to display your pictures. However you decide to use this product, you’ll find that storing your digital pictures on it can be as simple as plugging in a USB flash drive or flash card and pressing the on button. With the added versatility of its clock and ability to play audio and video files, the $120 Giinii Digital Picture Frame is a handy way to show off and view your digital images.

The 8-inch Giinii Digital Picture Frame is available here for $129


  • Easy to set up
  • Offers multiple ways to transfer images from a computer or digital camera
  • Supports JPEG, GIF, and TIF file formats
  • Plays audio (MP3 and WMA) and video (AVI and MOV) files
  • Built-in speakers and alarm clock


  • 800 x 600 resolution degrades the appearance of high resolution pictures
  • Must be plugged into an electrical wall outlet, can’t run off batteries


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  1. This Ginni is the worst to set the clock and date. If it had not been a gift, I would have returned to some store and let someone else buy it.

  2. The outside of the box says that it plays avi and mov files but inside the user manual only lists “Support MOV file forat (Motion-JPEG with PCM audio encoding up to Up to VGA, 2.8Mbps)” Not a very useful spec and I have not been able to get any of my video rendering software to format a video that is playable on the frame.

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