Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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Updated October 31, 2022
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Not all gamers are created equal. That’s just a fact of life some gullible gamers will have to make peace with. But all gamers are deserving of an equal opportunity to give the gift of a decongestant headshot to their digital enemies with confidence and precision. Often, obtaining the right tools for this particular surgical task is not cheap. Gaming mice worthy of your firm grip can be a costly expenditure. So keep reading to learn about this and some of the other best gaming mouse you can buy today.

But Gigabyte has you covered with the Gigabyte Force M7 Thor laser gaming mouse for the conservative spender. As the namesake suggests, the Thor is a mighty and large mouse. Using a completely new design, Thor is longer and wider than the largest mice we have tested, including the Thermaltake Level 10M mouse and the Fnatic Edition mouse. Its grip is both ergonomic and ambidextrous, so left and right-handed gamers should feel right at home. Other features include a laser sensor capable of 6000 max dpi, 5 programmable buttons, and the Gigabyte Ghost software suite for button customization.  As you can probably ascertain, this is no high-end rodent.

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But the performance is pretty darn spot on. Firstly, I really like the large size of this mouse. It’s a big rodent with a thinner back where your palm may rest and a very wide front, almost like a Hammerhead shark. I think the thin area is a bit too thin, which throws off the feel slightly. But it’s something that takes getting a feel for and is in no way a deal breaker. The buttons are very nice to the touch with a subtle and nearly inaudible click. The two thumb buttons are both easy to reach and are equally responsive, but they don’t feel like the same quality as the main left and right buttons. The DPI switch below the mouse wheel feels loose. It functions perfectly, but it could be tighter and less wobbly upon touch.

The Gigabyte Force M7 Thor lends itself to palm and claw grip styles. The feet underneath provide adequate frictionless movement without coming off as too slick. The Thor also works well on hard and cloth-style mouse pads and mats, with a slight favoritism for hard surfaces.

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Taking command of the Ghost customization software is similar to that with the Krypton laser mouse from Gigabyte we reviewed a couple of months back. It’s a really intuitive suite that makes customization a snap, and nothing has changed here with the Thor. You can save up to 3-different dpi settings that you can switch to on the fly using the DPI switch just below the mouse wheel.

I have to say, for a budget offering, Thor is mighty. If money is an issue and you have no need for a super-high dpi setting, then this is a great mouse for gamers and those larger-handed computer users who just want something stylish and precise on their desktops.

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Bottom Line: The Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Laser gaming mouse is an excellent value offering with the precision and comfort that belies the price.


  • Affordable
  • Very accurate and comfortable
  • 5-programmable buttons
  • Easy-to-use customization software


  • 6000 dpi max
  • Only 3 dpi settings saved

The Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Laser Gaming mouse is available for only $29.99!

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