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One thing I like about PC peripheral provider Gigabyte is they don’t shy away from a challenge, frequently expanding their tech horizons with new product types. The company is more recognized for their excellence when it comes to providing kick ass motherboards. While video cards easily pull up in second place. But the company makes solid mice, keyboards and mobile computing options. Audio peripherals are far from their stock and trade.

That didn’t stop them from producing a pretty interesting set of highly durable and uniquely stylish headphones. The Gigabyte FLY are surprisingly just for music. There is no inline microphone or controls for answering phone calls or skipping tracks. You get an on-ear pair of cans which use a customized pair of Neodynium magnets which help to produce a heavier sense of bass. The adjustable headband is near invisible–it’s so thin and makes for an elegant look. It’s also made from a single piece of steel, so it’s durable and ultra flexible.

FLY Headphones

The unit is very lightweight, only weighing 79 grams. This adds to comfort and allows the FLY headphone sto worn for quite a long time. They may not sound quite as good as the phenomenal Mixr DJ headphones from Beats by Dre. But the Mixr set lose horribly to the FLY in the comfort arena. That razor thin steel band shows immense flexibility so they will never feel too tight around the ears. The padding on the ear pieces is also very soft. They work to effectively cancel out ambient noise, almost too well. While testing yesterday, I missed a phone call and a package from FedEx, which is a saying lot for on-ear.

Music is definitely the intent with the FLY headphones. But that heavy bass is sure to be too deep for some. It works great in a lot of drum-heavy tunes often found in hip hop, rock and reggae music. But the lack luster lows and struggling midrange sounds leaves the FLY playing favorites to a select group or music. Action movies work ok but when there is  a lot of dialogue much of it sound too “throaty” from the deep bass. But again these are music and not promoted for movies. So with that, I suggest playing with the equalizer settings on you favorite playback devices. I found on both the HTC One and the iPhone 4s, the mid and low tones can be played up a bit with some setting changes. You are sure to have similar or better results with more sophisticated device EQs. However, a stellar set of cans should never rely on tricky device tweaks and setting changes to produce clarity and clean audio.  This is the most significant shortcoming to the FLY’s performance, a general lack of clarity.

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Yet if you are confident in your devices and their EQ settings and you have sufficiently bass-needy music playlists, then you could do worse.

Editor Rating:

[Rating: 3/5]


Bottom Line: The Fly headphones from Gigabyte are not champions of clarity but they are stylish,  massively comfortable, lightweight with deep heavy bass.


·   Nice looking

·  Deep bass

·  Lightweight with long-lasting comfort

·  Priced well


·  Lackluster low tone

·  Clarity could be cleaner

The Gigabyte Fly heaphones are available at company website $49.99.

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