Giant Battle Mat Mousepad Covers Your Whole Desk

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Updated June 27, 2022

Tired of zooming a mouse off your mousepad for the zillionth time? If you want to solve the problem permanently – and don’t mind changing the top of your desk – then you need to check out electronics reviews for Battle Mat from Battlestation Depot. It is, indeed, a giant mousepad designed to fit across even the largest personal desks. With this upgraded mousepad, find a high quality mouse in our Mad Catz Eclipse Mobile mouse review.

The Battle Mat was designed specifically for gamers and calls out FPS aiming woes, but it looks capable of helping office workers, graphic designers, and pretty much everyone else looking for a mouse solution to their tiny mat. The mat material is made from high-density polyester fabric, and Battlestation suggests cutting it to size if it’s too big for your desk or you need to adjust a few angles: One size fits all, and that size is 30″ by 60″ with a height of around 0.80 of an inch.

Battle Mat Desk
We’re talking about the WHOLE desk.

The Battle Mat is supposed to be easy to clean and comfortable for the elbows, among other consumer advantages (one marketing photo shows a cat sitting on the mat, but consider what cat claws can do we don’t suggest this). Battlestation also claims that the desktop computer mat doesn’t fray, doesn’t smell like rubber, and “will not try and install more RAM for you.”

Plenty of points for consumer awareness, but even more points for the return policy: If you don’t like the giant computer accessory, you can return it for a full refund as long as the mat looks undamaged and is with original packaging. No shipping costs necessary, but you should ake a close look before you start cutting into it and voiding the deal.

Sound interesting? The price is surprisingly close to an average, tiny mousepad – you can get a Battle Mat for around $45. Of course, there’s not a pretty picture of a cat or goldfish or mechsuit on it, but we guess you could always start doodling.

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