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GETIHU Portable Charger Review

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The GETIHU power bank features impressive specs at a modestly priced $20.00 that can entice anyone to see if the world of portable power is for them. If not, you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee. If you miss it or forget, hey, you only spent $20.00. No big deal. So, when you are on the hunt for the best portable chargers be sure to keep the GETIHU Portable Charger in mind.

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Why We Like It – GETIHU Portable Charger

The GETIHU Portable Charger, modestly priced at a measly $20.00, can get you where you need to go if you’re looking for power banks that can perform quickly, have neat little add-on features, and can be safely stowed anywhere, whether that’s a plane, train, or automobile. And with their money-back guarantee, there’s no harm in at least trying it out.

  • Fast Charging up to 1.4x
  • Two Devices can charge at once
  • Excellent Warranty
  • Takes almost 8 hours to charge itself
  • Tendency to overheat when used multiple times

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The GETIHU power bank is a high capacity and high-speed charging power bank that features adaptive and passthrough charging technology, 1.4x faster charging speed, and has a power capacity of 10,000mAH which is enough to charge an iPhone, for example, about 2.5 times before needing to recharge itself. Unfortunately, recharging the device can take upwards of about 8 hours. If you absolutely need a bigger battery with smaller charging times, the Anker PowerCore 20100mAH should be your go to. Not only does it have a massive battery, it has become the industry standard at this point.


The LED display looks great and a useful LED flashlight can be turned on by tapping the power button twice quickly. The dual USB ports means you can charge two devices without having to sacrifice charging speed. It also comes with a micro usb port. Unfortunately, the charging ports are of poor quality because the GETIHU Portable Charger tends to get hot after a few uses and thus can’t guarantee the safety of your device. The INIU is a great portable charger, also with a 10000mAH battery, that also has two USB ports and is much less likely to overheat.

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The company offers customer service in the form of a 30-day money-back guarantee, 3-year warranty, and lifetime technical support. The power bank also comes in at under 100Wh, which means it is safe to take on any domestic or commercial flights in the United States according to TSA guidelines. If you want something a little more compact to take onboard a plane with you the Jackery Portable Charger Bar 6000mAH is a fantastic little device that fits into any carry-on bag or pocket.

GETIHU Portable Charger Wrap Up

Let’s address the elephant in the room and agree that the overheating issue is a serious and glaring problem that GETIHU needs to address with their next device or a second wave of their current device. But if you’re only using it to charge one device at a time, or perhaps a few infrequently, the GETIHU Portable Charger can be a nifty little accessory to your technological resources.

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