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GenZe electric bicycles are among the best electric bike brands on the market. They are affordable, lightweight, and come with plenty of extra features that enhance your daily commute and make it easy to ride.

Enjoy going long distances without charging the electric motor, several boost modes to take the pressure off while pedaling, and technology equipped to handle your favorite devices. If you sometimes go on bike rides at night, you should also read our review of the magnetic bike light.

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The latest GenZe model features five rear hub motor settings and eight gears, facilitating the riding performance you need to tackle even the most intimidating hills, a la San Francisco, without breaking a sweat. You could also take a minute to read the Giant revolt e-pro review that discusses a bike with a versatile drop-bar that gives you the power to traverse all sorts of roads.

You can choose the lowest setting to conserve your bike’s battery pack while helping to pedal like a regular bike, or you can ride without having to pedal at all. Either way, the bike will go up to 20 miles (or more if you help it along) without a charge, including fat bikes in icy conditions. If you need a bike to go at least 5 miles farther, you’ll want to read our Electric city bike review. And, for another bike with anti-slip tires, you’ll like the Nakto 26.

The battery is removable and charges from empty to full in just 3.5 hours, so you can do it while you’re at work or during the night while you’re asleep. Getting started is quick and easy, and you’ll be pedaling (or not) with reliable disc brakes in no time.

With the GenZe app, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth, mount it to the smartphone holder, and track your activity. The app will show you miles traveled and battery level, but you can also post your distances for other users to see. Integrated navigation allows you to find bike-friendly roads.


The accelerator on the GenZe electric bike is comfortably situated on the right-hand grip. You’ll find it no struggle at all to flick your wrist and get moving. An integrated display on the frame gives you information about speed, current gear, battery level, and more.

The battery is removable for easy charging, and the frame is lightweight aluminum. It has a step-through frame with 26-inch tires and a smartphone holder on the handlebars so you can connect your phone to the GenZe app.

With buttons to control the boost mode and switching gears, everything you need is at your fingertips. Higher levels of boost make it easier to pedal but put more strain on the battery. There is no suspension, which is typical of electric bikes, and helps to keep the weight down. It’s best to stay on the pavement rather than go off-roading to save your bottom from the maximum seat impact.

Daytime use is preferable unless you plan to add lights to the front and back because it doesn’t come with any.


At just under $2000, the GenZe is moderately priced for the features it offers. The battery life, range, integrated display, boost and gear options, and smartphone app all provide great value to your daily commute.

The value you’ll get from the GenZe electric bike is the ability to enjoy your daily commute while saving on fuel in your car. The cost of recharging your lithium-ion battery is minimal compared to what you would spend to drive, and you don’t need a driver’s license.


A GenZe electric bike is an excellent option for your daily commute. It’s easy to learn to ride, can go long distances without charging, and has plenty of little extras that make your ride much more fun.