Genius is now offering the world’s first infrared webcam. The Genius VideoCAM Trek 310 has an infra-red mode, which automatically turns on when poor lighting conditions warrant it.

The camera will feature 1.3 megapixel stills and 32-bit VGA video up to 30 FPS.

The camera is available in Europe for around $48.

Pretty cool if you’re a late night video chatter, but I’m not sure sure I want to see you in infrared. Could just be me.

via M&C

Christen Costa

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  1. well, i have Genius webcam , and i have lost the install cd
    can you please help me to intall it, in my new computer
    i mean can i install it using the online website .

    thank waiting your respond.

  2. XP ok ! , …mic excellent capture, but hard work to on , Live Messenger config, need your hands too, webcam good work with 9 watts fluorescent lamp…30fps do…do…do…do see yor friends, anything.

  3. tengo los mismos problemas que la pregunta 6) no logro que funcione el micrófono en msn, y para otro computador con windows vista no tengo el driver y no me funciona así no mas (pregunta n°14). Si alguien tiene las respuestas les agradezco me contesten

  4. Necesito saber donde puedo descargar un driver de camara Genius trek 310 . Ayudenme que la necesito con fines educativos gratis

  5. I canhave it with my Fly Buys points but if you see everything red or is not good I rather not use those points…
    Can someone tell me if it works well. I have seen afriend thru a camera that seem to be like in slow motion (?)
    Would appreciate some feedback… thank u!!

  6. I bought this camera last year and have had nothing but problems with it. It doesn’t stay in place (moves downward) and the picture is beyond horrible in the light. I can’t believe I haven’t bought another webcam yet. The only reason I found this site is that I lost my cd to install it on my new computer and I was searching for the site. Ancient technology that the webcam still requires, won’t allow to install thru USB. Do not buy this camera.

  7. I just bought this camera and must say that the IR works very good, even in complete darkness you can easily be seen (and if you use it for video chat, the reflection of your screen will help a little). Although, you can only see in color unless it is a very well iluminated area (i.e. sunlight), anything less and youll see the image in IR :( dont like that too much…….

  8. I need an IR Web Cam to for security useage (motion monitoring/capture).
    1) Can this CAM be manually set for IR mode only or does it change automatically according to light levels?

    2)Is the IR good enough for complete darkness?


  9. I have a Trek 310 Genius webcam, but i can’t make the microphone work. I just try the driver downloaded from Genius website but it doesn’t work too. Are there someone who can help me.

  10. i just bought a 20$ webcam and took out the ir filter and it works in color and infared but red does come out white . google ir webcam

  11. With sufficient weatherizing, it could be used to monitor Snow and Ice build up on side walks and other stuff that may have web activated de-icing technology.

  12. Actually it could be handy as a cheap security cam for less than fifty bucks, or as a motion triggered cam as you can ‘see’ in the dark it should be useful for applications where normal webcams fail to work at night.

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