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The Genesis Table Top Fan is a versatile fan that’s easy to switch into ‘clip mode’ with a simple turn of the screw. And although it does have an adjustable head, this conversion will probably be where you’ll be adjusting your airflow most often. Use it as a best desk fan, quiet fans for sleeping, or even as the best circulation fan for grow tent!

Why We Like It – Genesis Convertible Table Top

The Genesis Convertible Table Top features two quiet fan speeds and a sturdy base so you can control how much airflow is directed at you and know that your fan won’t fall and break, It’s most noteworthy element is the conversion between table top and clip fan, though, as this allows for more versatility in airflow direction.

  • Easy to Switch into Clipping
  • Powerful Airflow for a Small Fan
  • UL/ETL Approved Fuse Safety Plug
  • No dB Rating to Measure Noise Level
  • No Degree Rating for Adjustable Fan Head


The Genesis Personal Fan provides powerful airflow with minimal noise so you can keep cool and still concentrate on working or sleeping. In a great turn of events, the Genesis fan is also rated and UL/ETL listed and approved fuse safety plug. While it may not be the most exciting thing you read today, knowing your fan won’t explode and burn your house down is always amazing. Not many fans, like the Vornado Pivot, get this type of approval.


The Genesis Table Fan features an incredibly sturdy base which is always nice, especially when you want to put it on an uneven surface. Switching to ‘clip mode’ is easy too. Simply loosen the butterfly screw on the back of the fan head and attach it to the clip. No fuss, no hassles. If you know you’re not going to be needing a clip fan though, why not consider the Holmes Blizzard Fan as an alternative.

Noise/Sound Level

The Genesis Table Top Base Fan allows for two quiet speeds so you’re not disturbing family or yourself while you’re working or relaxing or even sleeping. Unlike the Vornado Pivot, though, we don’t know how quiet it truly is because there’s no dB rating, so we’ll just have to trust the company when they say the fan is a quiet one. But with favourable customer reviews this shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Genesis Six Inch Clip Fan is both a table top fan and a clip fan rolled into one. The included clip allows you to convert the fan and achieve our desired fan angle. Combine this with an adjustable head and you have an extremely versatile fan that can accommodate more than one person. Unlike the Fancii USB Fan, though, it doesn’t have a degree rating for the head.


The Genesis Convertible Table Top comes in two colors, white and black. They may be standard and subdued colors, but choice is choice either way. It also retails for only $11.00. So if you’ve been wondering if a convertible fan is right for you, it won’t break the bank just to try the fan out.

Genesis Convertible Table Top Wrap Up

The Genesis Convertible Table Top provides powerful airflow for a small fan and its UL/ETL listed and approved fuse safety plug ensures it won’t burn your house down. There’s no dB rating to measure the noise level, but if customer reviews are anything to go by, it’s a supremely quiet fan.

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