96 Expert Rating

The Genesis A1 is built with dual-copper motors which give it extra resistance against weather and other hazardous situations. And this extra resistance is needed considering the body of the fan this highly rated fan is made from plastic.

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Why We Like It – Genesis A1

Like the Comfort Zone CZ310R, The Genesis A1 is a 3-Speed Setting Window Fan that gives you greater control of your cooling. Couple this with a built-in thermostat and you have a fan that can hold temperatures at specific times even if you’re not there. Add an LED screen for a touch of modernity, and you have a Genesis A1.

  • Built With Dual Copper Motors
  • Extendable Side Panels
  • Operates Intake or Exhaust Simultaneously
  • Made From Plastic
  • No dB Ratings


The Genesis A1 contains three speed settings, low, medium, and high, all selectable with an easy push of a button. You’d be surprised just how hard it is to find a fan with three speed settings for some reason. But if you’re okay with two, check out the Holmes Fan. In the first we’ve seen, the Genesis A1 is designed to operate intake or exhaust simultaneously, pulling in hot air and expelling cold air, which is similar to the Hon Guan 6 Inches Exhaust Fan.

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The Genesis A1 is built with LED lights to help you keep track of your settings easily and add a touch of modernity to the fan. The fan is also built using dual copper motors which make it extra-resistant to all weather situations. Unfortunately, though, the body is constructed from plastic, unlike the Cosmo 5MU30. And given the care they showed to the motor, we wish they did the same with the body.

Noise/Sound Level

The Genesis A1 doesn’t have any sort of dB rating on the official product description nor does it have the words quiet or silent anywhere which, naturally, led us to worry. Turning to customer reviews, then, we found that people are split 50/50 on whether it makes no noise or too much noise. So it looks like it will be up to you to decide, What we can say, however, is that there is an ‘electrical hum’ that accompanies the unit sometimes, so be on the lookout for that.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Genesis A1 boasts a built-in programmable thermostat, which ranges from 60-80 degrees. Great for when you want your house at a specific temperature during a specific part of the day. The expandable side panels aid in getting it to fit correctly in your window without a rattle. Many fans have this feature, like the Holmes Fan, but it’s still greatly appreciated nonetheless.


The Genesis A1, like the Bionaire Dual Window fan, is one of the most affordable window fans out there. The Genesis A1 is still some $30.00 cheaper than the Bionaire. It only comes in white though. And while white is a versatile color, we would love to see companies take bold steps with window fans as they sometimes do with portable fans. Makes it easier to fit into decor too.

Genesis A1 Wrap Up

The Genesis A1 is yet another fan with no dB levels readily available. I’m always baffled by why only portable fans get this treatment and not window fans. It does make up for it with some other cool features though. The expandable side panels for one, and the intake and exhaust fans operating simultaneously as another.

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