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The Geek Aire Air Circulator Fan can run for 18 hours on a single charge, which takes only about 2.5-3 hours. An excellent trade-off. And while it may be a little heavy, unlike our Aluan portable fan for travel review, it still weighs about the same as other best outdoor floor fans. Likewise, because of the rechargeable battery, the Geek Aire Fan is a great camping fan as well!

So, why should you buy this highly functional fan? Read on to learn more.

Why We Like It – Geek Aire Fan

The Geek Aire Fan eschews traditional AC power in favor of a 15,000mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a power bank that can charge your electronic devices too. The all-metal construction adds durability and life, and the 180-degree tilt lets you point air to wherever it needs to go.

  • Runs for 18 Hours
  • 2500CFMs
  • IPX4 Certified
  • A Little Heavy
  • Exact Speed Levels Aren’t Stated
  • No dB Levels


Geek Aire Rechargeable Floor Fans feature a 180-degree tilt feature, so you can direct airflow simply to where it’s needed most. It’s very powerful and can blow air at 2500CFMs on the highest setting. This makes the Geek Aire Fan great not only for your home, but for outside, garages, and workshops too. And while the Geek Aire Fan does have variable speed settings, the exact levels aren’t stated anywhere. If an oscillating tower fan with defined speeds is more of what you’re looking for, check out the Pelonis Fan. Alternatively, you can check out our guide to the top tower fans.

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The Geek Aire High-Velocity Fan is built with a high-quality, sturdy metal frame as well as metal fan blades. The all-metal construction gives you lasting durability and longevity, so you can use the fan for years to come. The Geek Aire Fan weighs a little over 13 pounds, which isn’t heavy but also not the lightest we’ve seen. If you want something very light, check out the Ryobi Fan.

Noise/Sound Level

Similar to our iLiving ILG8E18 wall-mount fan review, the Geek Aire Oscillating Fan states that noise level is dependent on speed, which makes complete sense. But along with not stating speed settings, they also don’t state dB levels. Turning to customer reviews, we find that most customers are pleased with the very little noise the fan makes, similar to our Opolar clip fan review. Overall, it amounts to just some little white noise. If you use it outside a lot, it may start to click, because it’s a metal fan, but it’s nothing some WD40 can’t fix. And, while it’s great, it’s not exactly an outdoor wall-mounted fan.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Geek Aire Variable Speed Floor Fan is powered by a 15000mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery. By not having to plug the fan into an AC outlet to get it working, this feature will help you save on your energy bills. The battery takes only three hours to charge and can run for a maximum of 18 hours, giving you a full day or two of cooling. And because it has a power bank, you can use the fan to charge your laptop and cellphone too! But you can also check out the B-Air FIRTANA if you’d like a more traditional, non-tech fan.


The Geek Aire Portable Fan is missing one thing that will truly make it a high-tech fan, and that’s a remote control. But then again, it’s nice to see it keep some level of ruggedness. The fan’s black trim mixes very well with the yellow paint, which is probably why it was a Housewares Design Award finalist. Finally, the fan carries an IPX4 rating, so it can survive rain, heavy or light, without much of an issue.

Geek Aire Fan Wrap Up

The Geek Aire Fan blows powerful, high-velocity air inside and outside. Because it’s water-resistant, you can also bring it camping or have it lounge by the pool with you, your family, and friends. It does miss a few high-tech things, like a remote control, but if you’re planning to use it outside, a remote control will just get lost amidst all the people and things, won’t it?