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Many people are under the false assumption that only the costly antennas available on Amazon.com can be regarded as one of the Best TV Antenna options. The GE Pro Outdoor Antenna quite handily proves that theory wrong. And its compact design enables it to be a great contender for the Best RV Antenna crown.

Why We Like It – GE Pro Outdoor Antenna

The GE Pro Outdoor Antenna honestly is a great outdoor TV antenna that delivers performance on par with much costlier outdoor Yagi antennas. And its compact design will win the hearts of many RV enthusiasts. On top of that, the range is also excellent.

  • Fantastic picture quality with up to 4K resolution support
  • Up to a 70-mile range
  • Support for both VHF and UHF signal with excellent signal strength almost everywhere
  • Corrodes pretty quickly
  • Build quality is not that great


Very few outdoor TV antennas can actually deliver 1080p, let alone 4K. For example, even the King Dish Tailgater Pro (almost ten times costlier) has limited HD capabilities. But, if you have 4K channels available for free in your area, you’ll definitely get that with this GE Pro Outdoor Antenna.

Ease Of Install

If you have had experience with installing other outdoor Yagi antennas, the whole installation process of this outdoor HDTV antenna should not take more than an hour. Make sure to use the same attic mount you get inside the box to get the best possible reception. But, a portable outdoor TV antenna with a compact design (e.g., the Dish Playmaker) will pretty much always be easier to install.


The whole durability aspect of this outdoor HDTV antenna is not that great. Unlike the Winegard RV Antenna booster, none of the components here are powder coated. So, it doesn’t stay the same at all under harsh weather. And the overall durability is worse than most other outdoor Yagi antennas. Alternatively, you can get an indoor TV antenna like the Audiovox RCA ANT111E TV Antenna if you want a more durable antenna that is protected from harsh weather elements.


The 70-mile range of this outdoor HDTV antenna is unheard of at this price. It supports both VHF and UHF signals, and if you have free 4K channels in your area, it also delivers that just fine without any judders.


The overall value of this outdoor HDTV antenna is absolutely fantastic, considering the picture quality you get for just 40 bucks. Almost no other outdoor TV antenna provides this kind of performance and range at this price. So it definitely is worth the money.

GE Pro Outdoor Antenna Wrap Up

The GE Pro Outdoor Antenna performs better than most other outdoor Yagi antennas available at this price, and the positive customer reviews on Amazon.com prove that. And the compact design makes it perfect for RVs.

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