GE JES1145SHSS Review Roundup

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Updated August 14, 2022
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The GE JES1145SHSS is a well-crafted countertop microwave that no doubt looks good in any kitchen, especially if you don’t need a particularly large microwave and are just looking for something that heats up food fast.

But how is the performance of this fine GE microwave? Do people like the controls? Let’s take a look at what the reports say!


This GE model is a 1.1 cubic foot microwave with some pretty familiar controls and 950 watts of power. It’s particularly well suited for small, fast reheating projects, but comes with buttons for automatically cooking dinner plates, frozen veggies, soup, bread, potatoes, fresh veggies, and more. There are ten power levels, a turntable that’s a little over 12 inches, a 30-second key, and a child lock. However, there is no automatic sensor option to cook an unknown food like many modern microwaves include – although this helps lower the price to around $100. If this model is too complex to use, you might like a simpler model with a retro look, as you’ll find with the Daewoo microwave.

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  • Powerful performance for a smaller microwave


  • No sensor button
  • Occasional performance issues reported
This GE model is a little small, but great at pizza.

Top Ten Reviews

Top Ten reported that this GE unit reheated pizza faster than any model they’ve ever tested, which may be all you need to know right now – in which case, have a great day! But if you’re sticking around, know that they also noted that it’s sort of a small microwave, and has no sensor-based reheating option for more complicated foods.

“For a small microwave, the GE JES1145SHSS packs a powerful performance. It’s one of the best compact microwaves we tested because, in spite of its small size and low wattage compared to the two top-ranked microwave ovens, it holds its own in cooking food completely and quickly.”

Best Buy Users

Best Buy users had a lot to say about this model: Some thought the display was very easy to read, and some thought it was too hard. Some thought the microwave was very durable, others complained that it quickly broke. Some said it was quiet, others said it was noisy. However, most, in general, agreed that it’s a good middle-sized microwave if you need a quick replacement.

“I moved into a temporary apartment and needed to get a small microwave for the kitchen. I didn’t want to give up capacity if possible so I looked at all of the countertop choices available. This microwave is not the smallest but is of a good size so that it doesn’t take up all of the space on the counter. So far it has been very dependable. The microwave is also quiet when running which was a surprise. For the price, this is a great value.”

Amazon Users

Amazon users praised the design and intuitive controls on this model, but noted that it tended to retain a lot of moisture. There were also a number of complaints about the microwave suddenly not working – you always see these kinds of complaints here and there, but the number was a bit higher than average here.

“Very happy with this microwave. Quality of item appears to be very good compared to other brands I reviewed in local stores. Has all the features and functions (and more) then needed. Price was reasonable for a stainless steel appliance of a mid range power microwave. Did not want a small one, but also did not want a large one too, so good size for our family of 4.”

Bottom Line

Check this model out for yourself before you buy to make sure it’s what you want. Alternatively, you can go for a similar model like the Nostalgia RMO770RED, which has a slightly higher price but also has better watts.

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