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For reliability closer to the Best TV Antenna, we look to the GE Indoor Antenna. Does it have what it takes to be the Best Rabbit Ear Antenna? Its good signal strength certainly appears so. It can even capture signals from up to 40 miles away with the right setup!

Why We Like It – GE Indoor Antenna

The GE Indoor Antenna boasts a good signal strength, along with fair durability in the form of a weighted base and rubber feet. It can reliably reach up to 40 miles for a rather fantastic price!

  • Good signal strength
  • Rubber feet & weighted base
  • Affordable
  • Could use longer antennas
  • Coax cable is too short


Picking up local channels with the GE Indoor Antenna is far more fruitful than you’d imagine. It does well at capturing UHF and VHF signals, and keeping them. With a good reception, and the right TV, you can get 1080p, uncompressed. It’s also capable of 4K, but don’t hold your breath hoping for that.

Ease of Install

The GE Indoor Digital TV Antenna is your typical plug-in-and-play device. Take the coax cable and plug it straight into the coax port. You shouldn’t have a problem with compatibility since modern TVs still come with coax; however, the coax cable is a tad too short, so consider getting a longer one if it becomes a problem.


Yet another HDTV antenna made of cheap plastic and metal, just like the Fosmon HDTV Antenna. To its credit, it does make life a little easier by making the base weighted and slapping rubber feet to the bottom. This ultimately prevents the device from sliding away.


So, the GE Indoor Antenna can reach towers from 30 miles away more reliably than the Philips SDV8201B, but with the right setup you can actually reach up to 40 miles. Your mileage may vary, of course, but it’s important to note how dense your surroundings are, like the number of buildings or even nearby powered devices. If anything, it could use longer antennas. An antenna booster like Winegard RV Antenna can help you get clearer HD channels on your old TV antenna.


If you look nowhere else but the surface of the GE Indoor Antenna, it doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from other TV antennas like the Philips SDV7114A. With that said, it does make an attempt by having a good signal strength, weather and environment permitting. It’s worth the $15, provided you invest in an amplifier to double down on its signal strength.

GE Indoor Antenna Wrap Up

Despite short antennas and coax cable, the GE Indoor Antenna is one of the few reliable TV antennas you could have hanging in your home. It does even better if you prepare your surroundings for it, like mounting it to a wall, away from powered devices. Do that and you can reliably reach signals from 40 miles!

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