GE GTW750 Washines Machines Work With Alexa
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GE’s New GTW750 Washing Machines Are Smarter and Integrate with Alexa

GE Washer with Presoak Function
GE's newest washer boasts a presoak function and WiFi connectivity that integrates with Alexa.

There is no doubt that GE (aka General Electric) is a trusted brand. After all, it’s been around since 1892. Yes, you read that, right. GE is 125 years old. And if you didn’t know, one off its founders goes by the name of Thomas Edison. But I digress.

So now it’s more than a century later, so what’s new? A new washing machine, that’s what. Well, a new line of top washers that boast a presoak feature, plus WiFi connectivity.

To kick things off, they’re launching with one model, the GTW750, which comes in black (GTW750CPLDG) or white (GTW750CSLWS). However, the black costs $899, versus the white’s $799. Specs are exactly the same, so yes, you’re paying a premium for that dark finish, which GE seems to believe is worth an extra $100 for the same functionality and specs.

So what’s this presoak function? In effect it allows you to manually run the water (aka water faucet) and presoak heavily stained clothes. You can do it with or without detergent.

According to Julie Muennich, director of marketing for GE Appliances’ laundry products. “The new onboard Water Station combined with the proven SmartDispense™ technology and WiFi®capabilities on GE Appliances’ top load models give you power.”

That being said, this line of machines also boasts an auto soap dispenser. It holds up to 75 oz of detergent, which means you’ll never have to manually add detergent to your loads again. Moreover, it automatically dispenses detergent based on load size, so in theory you should be able to save on detergent or at the very least not over use.

In addition to the aforementioned, there is on board WiFi, allowing you to connect your iOS or Android device. And that’s not all. It can also connect with Alexa, Amazon’s line of intelligent devices, allowing you to speak commands and continue the spin cycle or check on time remaining.

Home depot has both the white for $719.10 and the black for $809.10.

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