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For those seeking an electric bike that screams quality, Royal Dutch Gazelle manufactures some of the best in the business. And if you want a taste of what Gazelle bikes can offer in terms of performance and quality, the best electric bike for the job is the Gazelle Ultimate T10. Having a long-lasting battery and powerful motor is only the beginning.

Why We Like It – Gazelle Electric Bikes

Royal Dutch Gazelle Bikes don’t just outperform other electric bikes, but set the bar in the process; Gazelle Ultimate is the peak of what electric bikes can push. Gazelle E-bikes are made with premium components, like hydraulic disc brakes with Shimano Deore 10-Speed drivetrain. This bike also features a step-through frame with Schwalbe tires and a powerful Bosch Performance line motor for a smooth ride. If you want to see what bikes can really accomplish, you should also take a look at this Google tricycle with street view (camera).

  • Powerful motor provides fast top speeds
  • Superb battery life
  • High-quality design
  • Very steep price tag


Gazelle Bikes, in particular the Gazelle Ultimate, are built for performance. Its sleek design hides it, even the battery isn’t immediately apparent. Once you sit on its comfortable seating, and get the motor running, it’ll push you up to 20 mph top speeds. That’s fast enough to be of use when commuting, but not too fast that it’s hard to handle. Make no mistake: this isn’t a mountain bike; if you want that, look at the Merax 26” Aluminum Mountain Bike or NAKTO Fat Tire for that.

However, it does integrate a strong suspension front fork when driving on poor road surfaces, so it’s fine for commuters as well. For a true commute bike, read the GenZe electric bike review.


Everything Gazelle Bikes are is of the utmost highest quality, just like the Giant Revolt e-Pro. In this particular model, the Gazelle Ultimate, the Bosch performance line, was used with 65 Nm of torque. For example, the long-lasting battery is an integrated Bosch battery. The same can be said about its powerful motor. It isn’t just power these integrated Bosch parts provide, but also excellent control, maneuverability, and handling to go along with a quality suspension fork and chain guard. But, if you want more info on the overall body, then you’ll want to learn about how much does an electric bike weigh. For another similar model, read our Orbea Gain review.

Gazelle even threw in a rear rack for the sake of it, making it a capable commuting vehicle. Ever wanted to get a bike that weighs below 13kg and flies up climbs? Read our Focus Paralane2 review.

And, when you’re done riding it, you can always mount it on a bike rack, like the one in our Hollywood Sport Rider SE review.


There’s no doubting it: Gazelle bikes are quality personified. Even the worst aspects of an electric bike have been elevated to a high-quality standard, right down to the springs. And a large part of that reason is its integration of Bosch performance; Bosch is no slouch when it comes to performance. Yes, Gazelle Bikes, the Ultimate, is very expensive, but in return, you get a Class 1 e-bike with quality components that you can rely on for relaxing trips to and fro, a braking system that responds on a dime, and a vehicle when commuting and a 10-year warranty.

However, if you want similar quality at a cheaper price, consider the Elby S1 9-Speed. Its build quality follows a similar standard, and even offers a better battery life.

Gazelle Bikes Wrap Up

The Gazelle Ultimate is one expensive electric bike, but in this particular instance, it’s quality over quantity. Some electric bikes offer similar performance for cheaper prices, but when you look underneath the hood, sacrifices were made to the overall quality; Gazelle didn’t make sacrifices here. What you get in return is a quality that is hard to match, a powerful motor with a fast top speed, and a battery that’ll last for miles on end. You’ll also get a minimum of a 2-year warranty on most parts of the bike, while the frame gets a 10-year warranty.