I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but our desk jobs are killing us. Oh don’t worry, it’s not as if most of us are going to keel over onto our desks and have to be hauled off, but our office lifestyles are making us very unhealthy. That’s why the VertDesk Standing Desk Converter exists and also why we use standing desks. If you’re worried that your office view is affected, you should also take a look at how View Dynamic Glass is an intelligent window for buildings everywhere.

Also check out the best motorized standing desk.

Work Smarter. Work Healthier

What if I told you that there was a healthier way to work your desk job? There is. In fact, that’s what the GAZEDESK is all about. This desk creates an ergonomic working environment by motivating you to keep up with your sit-stand routine and encourages you to change your working posture with just the touch of a button. It may be the most ergonomic and compact standing desk ever.

We’ve known for some time that standing desks can dramatically improve our health, because the simple act of standing burns more calories, increases blood flow, and forces us to use our muscles. Standing desks are something that every office should have. A standing desk and a proper standing desk chair can make you feel much better.

The GAZEDESK sits on top of your existing desk and it is easy to adjust from sitting to standing mode with the touch of a button. It will adjust to any height up to 21.65″. And you can still
easily tilt, swivel, and pivot your monitor with any VESA monitor support. If you need a dual display setup, the GAZEDESK workstation duo can support it.

GAZEDESK Workstation Transforms Any Desk Into A Standing Desk
The GAZEDESK will improve your health.

Say Goodbye To Those Aches and Pains

This workstation will help you with that chronic neck pain as well since you can position your monitor correctly. This pain is usually caused by putting extra weight on your spine by constantly looking downward. The powerful motor and intuitive control button allows you to adjust your monitor to match your eye level.

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You’ll love that this workstation is easy to setup, easy to use and you can move it from desk to desk easily. This standing desk alternative will not only improve your health, but it will also improve your workflow since you will be happier.

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