Garmin inReach Tracking Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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GPS navigation devices aren’t really regarded as the Best GPS Tracker options anymore. However, the Garmin inReach Tracking Device has more than enough features built-in for it to be still worth it. And compared to something like the inReach Mini or the inReach SE+, it sports much more functionality overall. That’s why we can definitely say that it has a real chance of becoming the Best GPS Tracker For Hiking. If you need more options for a tracking device, check out our best GPS tracker reviews.

Why We Like It – Garmin inReach Tracking

With smartphones going mainstream, GPS navigation devices may be useless for most people nowadays. But, the devices that can take advantage of a satellite network don’t really need to rely on cell towers to get their track points. That’s exactly why the Garmin inReach Tracking Device is still so useful.

  • Iridium satellite communication support
  • Support for topo maps
  • Weather forecasts built-in
  • Limited functionality


It’s a fantastic satellite device for extended tracking periods. With the required freedom plans, you can take advantage of unlimited tracking points text messages. And the minute tracking intervals are pretty short as well on this inReach device. And once you pair it with a mobile phone using the EarthMate app, you can do a lot more things than that. Find out how to monitor your pets at home by reading our Garmin GPS tracker for dogs review.


The battery life of this inReach device depends entirely on what tracking mode you use. You can get up to 100 hours of battery life at max, which is better than all other inReach devices. Even Garmin’s own Garmin Montana 680 can’t keep up with that. But once you start tracking on the 10-minute tracking mode, that number is going to come down to 70 hours. Learn more about our recommended tracker by visiting our Garmin Montana 680 review.

Ease Of Use

Two way preset messages are already added inside the mapshare page, which is way better than the Bad Elf 2200 GPS Pro’s implementation. The send interval and the log interval are also customizable. And you get your directed way text format, as we said before. You can stop tracking irrespective of the different intervals too.


Just like any other satellite communication device with topo maps at this price, this thing is as tough as a brick. And it uses the Iridium satellite network, which covers about 95% of the globe. So, if you have this on hand, you’ll never have to worry about getting lost.


For $450, the Garmin inReach Tracking Device might be a tough sell for new users. But for regular hikers, it’s a fantastic tool to have in hand. Its incredible battery life alone should be worth it for people who know how to use these things.

Garmin inReach Tracking Wrap Up

With the Garmin inReach Tracking device, you can easily locate yourself in a hard to identify wilderness. For a veteran hiker, these sorts of satellite devices are pretty much necessary.