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Gaming Mouse Pad vs Regular Mouse Pad

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If you need a premium computer mouse, you may wonder if gaming mouse mats vs. regular mouse pads are the better pick. Top-rated gaming mice should provide precise movement and a faster response time for competitive gaming or efficient office work. That said, the wrong mouse pad type can limit your movement and accuracy while playing games. So, stick around if you’re curious about the gaming mouse pad vs. a regular mouse pad debate.


  • A gaming mouse pad takes up more desk space and provides different surface texture levels depending on your preference.
  • A normal mouse pad provides a smooth surface but doesn’t offer as much mouse space or additional features like RGB lighting or wrist rests.
  • Connecting your camera to your computer isn’t necessarily a complicated process, but you will need to invest in some equipment to make it happen.

The choice between speed and control mouse pads can give you faster movement or higher accuracy in creative applications or strategy games. For example, action game players who rely on accurate mouse precision should choose a control pad. That said, you should consider the whole range of top-rated gaming mouse pads before making a final decision.

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If you want a clean video feed, the best option is to connect a high-quality camera to your laptop or computer.

Additionally, the choice between a budget control pad or an affordable gaming mouse often relies on the types of games you enjoy. The Skyrim mouse vs. controller debate ultimately comes down to personal preference, but some input methods give you a competitive advantage. For example, playing Star Citizen with a joystick vs. mouse delivers a meaningful difference in terms of competitive and immersive gameplay.

Why Choose a Gaming Mouse Mat vs a Mouse Pad?

Many assume that choosing a gaming mouse mat vs a regular mouse pad comes down to aesthetic preference, but it isn’t that simple. Gaming pads usually provide a larger surface area and offer a control or speed-like surface. There isn’t a unanimous choice among gamers, however; some opt for normal mouse pads to save money or desk space.


Gaming mouse mats usually provide more mouse space than a normal mouse pad. Whether you play action titles or real-time strategy games, a larger mouse pad offers increased cursor maneuverability. That said, a large mouse pad isn’t ideal for small home office setups.


A cheap gaming mouse pad might not have an anti-fray edge, so the slick surface may split from the adhesive base.


An uneven surface will disrupt rapid mouse movements and might limit your mouse sensitivity. Whether you choose a normal or gaming pad, you need a thick enough rubber base to combat scratches or imperfections on your desk surface. If you choose a gaming mouse pad, look for a speed-type surface for a smooth glide.

Additional Features

Gaming mouse pads offer flashy coloring and RGB lighting to accent your gaming setup, increased surface area, and different surface textures to meet your gaming requirements. Conversely, a mouse pad is generally a no-frills option, save for perhaps a stylish image printed on the surface. For basic computing, a normal cloth mouse pad should work just fine.

STAT: A 2018 Pew Research Center survey showed that women gamers are 20% more likely to play puzzle games than male gamers. (source)


A basic mouse pad is much less expensive than most gaming-centric models. You can save money by choosing a regular mouse pad unless you’re an avid gamer.

Gaming Mouse Pad vs Regular FAQs

What’s the best mouse pad for a laser mouse?

You want a similar type of mouse pad for laser or optical mice. The laser or optical sensor works best on darker color options with a non-reflective surface. Matte or cloth mouse pads offer the most accuracy for laser mice and optical models.

Do I need a larger mouse pad?

Large mouse pads are ideal for gamers and multimedia professionals. The additional surface area allows for more free movement than a normal model.

Are wired gaming mice better than wireless models?

Wired mice reduce input lag and have faster response times than wireless models. While modern wireless mice offer improved response times over older models, a hardwired solution is best for gaming.

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