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Gamevice Puts Hardware Controls On Your iPad Mini


Mobile gaming is becoming more complex as a genre and moving away from the kind of AAA console gaming that requires a controller. Well, for the most part, anyway; some people are looking for a controller for their mobile device, and the Gamevice is built to bring it to your iPad Mini.

Putting The Squeeze On

The Gamevice is fairly straightforward, really, and it uses a common form factor. Just slot your iPad Mini in the middle of the device, click it into the data port, and you’ve got hardware controls for your games. That includes shoulder triggers, thumbsticks, a d-pad, action buttons, the whole lot. Essentially you turn it into a Wii U Gamepad, only without the stench of failure and sadness. A nice touch is that there’s no charging cables or Bluetooth pairing to deal with, probably thanks to the controller APIs that Apple finally put out.

Take Control

Essentially it gives you the hardware controls you need for those old-school console games. This is useful not least for attempts to translate AAA console games, or build them from the ground up, to iOS; being able to play Max Payne or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with a controller is a lot easier and more fun than you might think on the go when you’ve got a controller to go with it. Plus, hey, controller!


Squeezing On

The Gamevice isn’t going to stop at just Apple products, though; the team is hard at work on other platforms, presumably including Android and the multitude of Windows tablets out there. But for now, we’ll settle for a hardware solution that plays games the way they’re meant to be played. Well, console games the way they’re meant to be played, anyway. We can’t really vouch for the rest of the mobile space.

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