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Game Golf Will Change Your Golf Experience (video)

For many, the game of golf isn’t exactly fun. But the Game Golf is looking to change all that, making the sport more fun, more engaging, more social and more young. They’re trying to raise $300,000 on Indiegogo in funds to design and manufacture a game accessory for on-the-road golfers that will enable them to map and support UK/Ireland courses after they launch in the US. Game Golf allows users to see their game, share it, compare it and compete like never before using a GYG device and a set of club tags, one for each club in your bag.

Setup is simple—pop a tag onto each of your clubs and you are ready to go. When you’re ready to play, put the GYG device on your belt and hit the course. Whenever you take a shot you just “tag” the club against the GYG on your hip and go. The GYG device is loaded with a combination of the latest sensor technology—GPS, NFC, compass, accelerometer, and a gyrometer—to capture all the important data in your game. Data is then uploaded via low power wireless or USB to the GAME platform. Pledging $189 gets you 1 GYG device and a 1-year subscription to the Game platform.


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