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Samsung Unveils Their Smartest Camera Phone Yet, the Galaxy S4 Zoom

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Samsung’s Galaxy camera fell short of expectations when it launched last year; it was lacking an actual phone, despite boasting the Android operating system.  But now, Samsung fans will be able to have the best of both worlds, as the company yesterday launched the all new Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Much like the Galaxy Camera, the Galaxy S4 Zoom boasts a 10x optical zoom, in addition to a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor.  And in a surprise move, Samsung has seen fit to include a physical zoom ring, a feature that is often lacking on many of today’s point and shoots.  In addition to activating the Galaxy S4 Zoom’s optical zoom feature, the Zoom ring can also instantly activate the phone’s camera during a call, and allow you to capture and share a photo with the caller via MMS.  The Zoom ring can also quick launch to multiple camera modes including Auto, Gallery and Smart Mode with a simple twist.

Other features of the Galaxy S4 Zoom include optical image stabilization and a Smart Mode that automatically chooses the correct photo settings for the scenario at hand.  There is also LTE and 3G radios on board, a 4.3-inch qHD sAMOLED screen, a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor, WiFi b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, 8GB of storage expandable by microSD card slot (up to 64GB), accelerometer, gyro, and a 2,300mAh battery.  The S4 Zoom measures 125.5 x 63.5 x 15.4 mm and weighs 208g with the battery.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom will ship with Android Jelly Bean 4.2, and will include the company’s TouchWiz and Samsung Hub.   Samsung says the S4 Zoom will come to market, the US included, sometime in Q4 of 2013.

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3 Comments to Samsung Unveils Their Smartest Camera Phone Yet, the Galaxy S4 Zoom


    I want this phone if you give the price so it will be easy to purchase.

  2. okiwa002

    This is what the Galaxy Camera should have been in the first place. I think they should have opted for a quad core processor onboard however.

    • gadgetreview

      Too true. Quad-core would likely eat battery life, but point taken nevertheless.

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