Galaxy Note Edge Available Nov. 14

Samsung has finally put a date on the U.S. release for its Galaxy Note Edge, otherwise known as the phablet with the screen that curves outward instead of inward. It will be available from carriers like AT&T and Sprint starting November 14th.

That curved screen, which offers an small strip of touchscreen facing outward on the side of the phone, is used for more than just aesthetics. The Galaxy Note Edge keeps a variety of features reserves for that edge screen, including the time, space for notifications, start-up touchscreen buttons, ruler apps, and more.

The idea is that you can use this strip of screen even when the phablet is covered and the rest of the touchscreen is taking a break. You can get a better idea of how the edge screen works with Samsung’s collection of photos showing the Edge in its flip wallet. The feature provides a phone that you can check unobtrusively for updates or apps without disturbing the conversation or business meeting. This works particularly well if the phone is lying on a table with the edge screen facing you.

Otherwise, the rest of the phone specs hit similar notes to the Galaxy Note 4. The Edge has a 5.6-inch AMOLED screen, 32 GB of memory, and runs on Android 4.4. It comes with front and rear-facing cameras, support for all the latest network protocols, and the “S pen” for taking notes or doodling.

If you think that the edge screen sounds neat, you can hop over to AT&T (or other carriers) and sign up for notifications. AT&T will start taking orders on November 7, a week before the phone’s release date. However, the phone comes with a hefty price tag. The Galaxy Note Edge costs $399 with AT&T’s two-year contract, but its full retail price is $945.99. Monthly payment plans will have you dishing out between $20 and $30 each month for this extra-screen smartphone and all those shortcuts it offers.

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