Gadget Review: The Automoto 3 Wheeled Scooter (exclusive & video)

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Updated October 4, 2022
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If you recall, about 2 weeks ago, I wrote up a quick post detailing the Automoto, a 3-wheeled scooter. At the time, I thought nothing of it until the fine folks importing the vehicle to the US contacted me requesting a review. And what better way to review it than to produce a short video segment? So me and George (our resident GadgetReview photoag) headed out to Van Nuys on one cold California day and got an EXCLUSIVE first look and review of the vehicle. So, check out the video below to see me in my first ever real-deal video review. Yes, I’m a bit rough on the delivery, but it’s my first one, so take it easy on me, and feedback is more than welcome. What could the Automoto be the best one for kids, commuting, speed lovers…?

This isn’t your typical electric scooter adult model. This is a unique experience.

This is a review of the three-wheel tilting scooter called the Automoto. The Auto Moto is a registered trademark of, which is a registered wholesale powersports distribution company. This will outshine even the best knee scooter.

The Automoto is powered by a 150cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine that lets you experience the thrill of enclosed three-wheel tilting when you take a turn. You know, it’s called the Auto Moto for a reason. For another gas-powered option, read our TAO 49cc review or check out our list of the top Gas Scooters. The tilting rocker system automatically adjusts to the tilt when you’re taking a turn and ensures excellent traction by keeping the rear wheels in firm contact with the road.
Check if in your state your car driver’s license will suffice to let you take this beauty with a carbon fiber style dashboard and adjustable handlebar on the roads.

This two-seater yields 83 miles per gallon and stores 2.1 gallons in its tank. Experience spacious and ergonomic seating with foldout armrests and a cushioned backrest. This scooter, called the Auto, is a partially enclosed three-wheel cab, which means that the roof and the windshield protect the riders from wind and rain. Other safety features include a windshield wiper with a high-pressure spray that ensures a clean windshield and better visibility. The built-in alarm system gives you the peace of mind that your vehicle is secure from theft.

Girls and boys using the Auto Moto for conveyance will appreciate the convenience of two dashboard storage compartments and a 72-liter lockable trunk. Keep your smartphone in the dashboard storage and let the call recognition system inform you about incoming calls.

The three-wheel design lets you turn tight corners with ease. The Auto Moto we tested did not have lighted wheels, but that’s something that’s totally up to you. Speaking of wheels, you can choose from two configurations – a 7” diameter and a 10” diameter rim. If you like the 3-wheel design but would like an electric motor instead, you can read our Doohan iTank review or the EW 18 scooter review to see which fits your needs. If you prefer two wheels, however, you can check out the Maxtra electric scooter for a kid-friendly scooter or the Joyor electric scooter for one better suited for adults.

Remember those days of zooming on your Radio Flyer toddler scooter, you can’t go back to them. But with the Auto Moto, you have the perfect 3-wheeler ride that’s economical, easy to park, and very sturdy.

For more information and contacts, check out the official site of the 3-wheeled scooter.

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