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Gadget Review: Clarus Q-Link Pendant SRT-3 Advanced Personal Energy System

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I remember the first time I saw the Clarus Q-Link Pendant; I was watching a Red Sox game.  I thought Josh Beckett was just some crazy hippie with a bad ass shark tooth collection.  I later found out through a friendly PR rep that he is a user of the Q-link, and swears by its powers.  A prophet of placebo you ask?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps not.  That will be for you to decide.

So what exactly is a Q-Link Pendant?  Simply put, it’s kind of like a human tuning fork you wear around your neck.  However, a more technical definition would be a biofield regulator.  The company, Clarus, formed in 1991, would called it a “Sympathetic Resonance Technology.”  Huh?  OK, I think a brief history lesson is in order.

The year was 1994.  The United States National Institute of Health coins a new term: Biofield.  Reading through the included pamphlet, I still didn’t get a clear idea of what a biofield is.  After typing it into Wikipedia, I was supplied with such terms as:  Aura, Vitalism, “Chi”, and Pseudoscientific.  Taking what I could from the pamphlet and the internet, I ascertained that a biofield is the way one’s spiritual being reacts to the world.  I know, I too can’t believe I just said that!  The Q-link is supposed to protect your body’s systems from cell phones, electromagnetic fields, computer monitors, traffic, and other soul crushing devices and scenarios.  Anyway, during the last quarter century, a growing body of science has been dedicated to the study of these biofields.  More importantly, for those of us who are not spiritually and or scientifically inclined, the Q-Link “attempts to promise” more energy, less stress, greater focus, and overall improved well-being.

So does it work?  For me, I think it did.  Honestly though, I am a huge fan of a placebo in general.  For example, I use Rogaine for my receding hairline even though it’s only supposed to work on the monkey butt that is “Male Pattern Balding”.  I think that it all depends on what’s happening in your life for the Q-Link to truly play its part.

Less stress?  Over the past two months of wearing the Q-Link, I fell more in love with my girlfriend than I ever thought possible, but I also have never been more broke in my life.  I am in a state of optimism these days, and have a lot less stress and anxiety than I am used to.  Could it be the love, the Q-Link, or both?  Who knows?  Probably the love, but why take the Q-link off to see?  More energy?  I’d say that I don’t notice much of that because it’s still hard for me to get up early for productivity’s sake, but I don’t get the after lunch food comas that I used to, so that’s sweet!  Greater focus?  From the mouth of Will Smith, “Oh Hell No!”  I am an ADD basket case till the day I die.  And lastly, have I experienced improved well-being?  I would certainly agree that yes, I do suffer from improved well-being.  There’s no doubt that my state of mind has been largely affected by the love I share with my girlfriend, but I have noticed many things that have changed about me.  I enjoy music more, which was something I didn’t think could happen.  I am thinking before speaking more, which has always been a rarity.  I still have no tact, but I’d be a zombie if I did. I love my harsh tone.  I’m even giving my reflection double thumbs up more than usual!

Overall, I am just enjoying everything more, and it feels awesome.  Aesthetically, I think it looks cool, and makes me look buffer.  My girlfriend thinks it looks like a trinket you’d win off some Carnie folk, so go figure.  The front is a silver plastic triangle with the Q-Link logo and the back features the core offering.  A then there is the brushed copper ring embedded in clear plastic with Q-Link written in the middle.  That’s it.  Josh Beckett had his weaved through some hemp necklace.

All in all, the Clarus Q-Link Pendant is something that will react differently per individual, and it’s going to be one of those things that you won’t know if it works until you try it.  But I can say that I’ve definately had a positive experience with my Q-Link SRT-3, and I would recommend it to anyone seeking resolve from their stress or anxiety.

You can buy it for $81 (in black) here