Gadget Leak: New 17 Inch iMac for $899?


Today’s exciting blog blurb is the purported leak from Apple’s education section of their website suggesting a new 17 inch iMac for $899.  That sounds great to me but would that slight defeat the purpose of the Mac Mini?  This would be a smart move by Apple in this time of economic downturn so we will see what the story is fi and when Apple makes an official statement in regards to this very cool sounding leak.


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  1. This would not, in the least, compete with a Mac Mini. The Mac Mini is a transitional device for people who own a Windows PC. At a low cost, they can keep their existing keyboard, mouse and monitor, and simply swap their box with a Mac Mini, plug all their existing peripherals in, and now they have a Mac.

    The 17″ iMac is an all-in-one low cost Mac unit.

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