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g wolves hati m classic mouse review

G Wolves Hati M Classic Mouse Review

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The G-Wolves Hati M Classic offers an ultra-light and well-balanced design for large and mid-sized hands and low click latency performance suitable for competitive games.

However, its software is buggy and Windows-only, there’s no RGB, durability is poor, and it’s uncomfortable for small hands.

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Although the G-Wolves Hati M Classic looks well-built and has switches rated for 20 million clicks, the mouse isn’t durable, and a few months of intensive use can lead to creaking and wobbling.

Nonetheless, you receive two extra switches, sets of mouse feet, and additional mouse grips. The scroll wheel is tight and notched, and the G-Wolves Hati M Classic’s Hati 3360 software works for customizing the mouse buttons and CPI but is buggy, Windows-only, and challenging to use.

Weighing 61g, the mouse is light and well-balanced for a stable but swift glide, and its flexible cable doesn’t hinder movement.

At 13ms, the Hati M Classic’s tested click latency is excellent for competitive gamers, but gamers with small hands may find it less accommodating.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Low click latency
  • Additional accessories include switches and mouse feet
  • Switches rated for 20 million clicks
  • Ultra-light
  • Well-balanced design for large and mid-sized hands

Reasons to Avoid

  • Buggy software
  • Poor durability
  • Uncomfortable for small-hand gamers
  • No RGB


  • Adjustable Weight
  • Handedness
  • Max DPI
    12000 dpi
  • Min DPI
  • Number Of Buttons
  • Wireless
  • Wireless Connectivity
    Bluetooth, RF


First released back in late 2019, the G-Wolves Hati M Classic Mouse is a mid-range wired gaming product that boasts an ambidextrous design with a matte plastic grip for ergonomics and comfort during long sessions of gaming.

Similar to some of the best-rated computer mouse options out today, this model only weighs around 61 grams. And just like many of the best-ranked gaming mouse models available in the market, it sports a 12000 DPI optical sensor that you can easily adjust using the G-Wolves Hati 3360 software.

However, if you prefer wireless gaming mice and need a faster and more consistent sensor, make sure to take a look at our Fnatic Blot Mouse review.

The Hati Mouse has an input latency of around 13 ms but doesn’t have RGB lighting. And it sports six programmable buttons (including the scroll wheel) that are customizable using the same G-Wolves Hati 3360 software.

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