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Funnell Combines A Backpack And A Jacket


If you’re somewhere rainy and you have to commute, you know all too well the annoyance that comes from having to lug both a backpack and your jacket, let alone ensure that your jacket covers your backpack so nothing crucial in your bag gets soaked. But what if you could combine the two and avoid hauling so much stuff with you?

Rain Gear

That’s the idea behind the Funnell, a backpack with what amounts to a quick-release jacket on the top. As a backpack, it’s, well, a backpack: There’s a computer pocket against your back, as well as two large compartments to put your stuff into. The fun part is when you bust out the jacket.

Deploy, Deploy!

Essentially, you just grab the strings near your shoulders and give them a nice hard tug. Out comes the jacket from a pocket between your computer pouch and the main pocket, which unfolds across your back to cover your backpack, and up comes the hood, which, well, it’s a hood, you know the mechanics. Slip on the sleeves and you have a fully integrated jacket that keeps you dry, covers your stuff, and lets you get in out of the rain. Even better, it’s designed to be fairly simple to repack; just line up the strings and stuff it back into its pocket, although you may want to let it dry a bit first.

Rain Men


Honestly, this solves one of the most annoying problems you’ll run into. Yeah, your stuff getting moist isn’t a problem on the level of world hunger, but it is something you want to remove from your life as much as you can. And for $240, it may cost more than a good backpack and jacket, but you’ll never have to juggle the two again, which is just as worth it.

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