Fujifilm XP 140 Review

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Updated July 15, 2022
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Announced in 2019, the bug-eyed XP140 Fujifilm is the perfect holiday companion for anyone looking for an all-weather camera. It delivers 4K video quality, which is great for recording all those memories when on vacation. Its display is a 3-inch LCD screen that’s unfortunately not a touchscreen, though you do get a wide variety of shooting modes that suit almost every condition you could be in. The camera also has a battery life that can push you through up to 240 shots, which isn’t too bad for a day’s use. The Finepix XP140 is a huge contender for the title of best digital camera, but how does it compare with the competition? Let’s find out in this Fujifilm XP140 review.

Why We Like It – Fujifilm XP 140

If you tend to spend a lot of your time outdoors, the Fujifilm XP 140 could be the perfect camera for you. This great Fujifilm camera is fun-looking, waterproof, has a 5x optical zoom lens, and can be the perfect replacement for your smartphone when taking pictures on holiday. If you want to stick to your smartphone for pictures, consider our grip and shoot review instead. If you want to stabilize your camera on your next photo shoot, consider reading our Gary Fong flip cage review too.

  • 4K Video
  • All-weather use
  • Customizable buttons
  • No RAW mode shooting


Similar to the Fujifilm XF10, the Fujifilm Finepix XP140 is a fun camera to use, that can handle almost any situation that you could put it through. Its 16.4 Megapixel CMOS Sensor allows for high detail capture, resulting in smooth shots and superior image quality even when shooting underwater videos. Its 4x optical zoom lens isn’t that impressive compared to the 40X capability of the Nikon Coolpix B500, but the camera still manages to take good pictures at a maximum shutter speed of 1/20000 of a second.


From just the way it looks, it’s obvious that the Fujifilm Finepix XP140 always stays ready for an adventure, making it a fine travel camera. The camera comes in either blue or yellow, and is almost the same size as the Canon PowerShot G7 X. Image transfer from the Finepix XP140 is easy thanks to both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, as well as a USB cable that links it to your computer. The camera’s internal memory is a bit limited at 90MB, though this can be expanded through an additional memory card.


Although the camera can’t match the Canon PowerShot D30 Waterproof camera in terms of durability, the XP140 Fujifilm camera does feature a Fujifilm NP-45S battery that delivers up to 240 shots worth of battery life, which is enough to sustain you through a day of shooting. At its price, the Fujifilm XP140 is one of the best rugged cameras you can for outdoor photography, and you won’t get that worried when it falls or gets mishandled every once in a while.

Fujifilm XP 140 Wrap Up

The Fujifilm XP 140 is a decent camera that can work for you whether you’re a beginner, or you just want a substitute for your smartphone’s camera. Its ruggedness makes it a great pick even for your kids, since it doesn’t get damaged that easily.

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