Instead of doing the usual slight spec upgrade plus new feature for it’s next generation X-Pro2 compat camera, Fujifilm has decided to throw everything possible into this camera (an ironic decision considering how the Pro1 was designed as a throwback to original camera designs), including several new technologies and far better picture quality. Taken together, these advances make the X-Pro2 one of the best compact cameras has shown us thus far.

Let’s start with the hardware: The camera sports a 24-megapixel sensor, as well as a unique interchangeable hybrid viewfinder that uses both optical and electric viewfind technology. The 3-inch LCD screen is a bit less impressive, although we do like that the compact model has plenty of manual buttons. The shutter is mechanical, but it can still snp in 1/8000 of a second. Fujifilm claims that this camera is weather resistant and rugged, but gives few stats on just what it can resist, so buyers may still want to take care.

This compact camera has serious professional chops.

Inside the camera the specs are still impressive. The processor got a major overhaul with a new X-Trans CMOS III sensor and the X Processor Pro software to manage image. There’s also ACROS, a bit of tech designed to similate monochrome photos as authentically as possible for those more artsy shots. When it comes to focusing, the X-Pro2 can account for up to 77 focal points, more than any previous model. ISO sensitivity, meanwhile, is rated at 51200. Fujifilm also offers a new compressed RAW format so you can save on storage space while still getting that flexible RAW footage.

All these improvements add up to a truly impressive compact camera, but we haven’t talked much about the price yet: This model starts at $1,700. That’s a little pricey for the average consumer, and points at the X-Pro2’s focus on photographers who really know what they’re doing. The weighty lens and overhauled features are designed for pros and experienced amateurs, make no mistake.

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