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If you want to find the best Fujifilm cameras and the best digital camera, then you may want to take a moment to learn about the Fujifilm X A7 mirrorless camera. This camera uses the latest technology to produce some shots worth uploading on the gram or wherever you share pictures. It provides more functions, such as recording 4K video movie quality, and gives you a smart menu to adjust the view before you take the shot. Don’t miss out on our top-rated digital camera reviews for a broader variety of cameras to compare with.

Why We Like It – Fujifilm X-A7

The Fujifilm X-A7 has many camera features that will help you take the best picture possible. Even in a low-light setting, the mirrorless camera will still manage to produce a picture worth sharing with the world. This is the ideal camera for an entry-level photographer because it will make their job easier with features like autofocus.

  • Can produce cinematic quality 4K video recordings
  • Copper wire construction gives you advanced image quality
  • It is worth a pretty penny

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Image quality

To produce the best results, Fujifilm X A7 uses a 24.2-megapixel camera. This camera has an APS C CMOS image sensor size that uses copper wiring to create a superb shot. Even if you don’t have as much light to work with, this camera will do just as good thanks to the low light technology. There is a face and eye autofocus mode which will help you take better pictures without trying as hard. If you would like to see more from the Fujifilm lineup, you may want to check out our number one pick, the Fujifilm X-T200.

Ease of use

Aside from the autofocus alleviating you from doing much of the work, the camera also has a large touch screen where you will find the menu system. Here you can adjust things like the framing, color, brightness, and natural blur. You will be able to maneuver through the LCD screen by swiping and tapping as you would on your smartphone. If you are looking for a camera with a significant amount of megapixels, another great option may be the Fujifilm GFX 100.

Battery Life

The Fujifilm X A7 kit lens digital camera can power through 270 shots per charge. If you tend to use the video mode, you may experience a lower battery life since these modes tend to drain the battery faster. Charging time may take up to two hours, and as long as you have the specified USB cable on you, you will be able to charge it just about anywhere. If you would like to look at more high-quality cameras, check out our reviews of the Sony A6000 and the Hasselblad X1D II 50C.


Before making your purchase, be sure to ask if there is an insurance option in case you want the extra protection. Aside from insurance, the camera is only 9.09 x 9.09 x 9.09 inches so it can fit into most bags and backpacks to keep it secured. Customers have noted that this is a great starter camera for those people steering away from their phone’s camera, but it may not be the optimal choice for a long-time professional photographer.

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This Fujifilm X A7 is a great choice if you want to try out a camera that will blow your smartphone’s camera quality out of the water. With features like autofocus, a smart menu, and 4k video quality you will be able to produce some great shots and get creative with them. There are plenty of settings that will let you take better control of your photo’s environments. This is recommended for the entry-level photographer, so all advanced users may want to do a double take before moving further with purchasing this model.

Fujifilm X-A7 Wrap Up

The Fujifilm X-A7 is a great camera to take out and about because it is lightweight and produces great pictures that will be worth sharing. Even in the darkest settings, it has the technology to get the best shot in that type of environment. When you are tired of taking pictures, you can switch it up and record some 4K videos.

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