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The Instax SQ6 is definitely an upgrade over older Fujifilm Instax Square format cameras, and is probably the best Instant Film camera for square film users. It is available in a bunch of colours and features LED backlit buttons for better visibility at night. The camera uses 2 CR2 batteries and uses the Instax square film packs.

Why We Like It – Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

The Instax Square SQ6 is an analog instant camera from Fujifilm that offers a square format that’s great for both portrait and landscape photos. You can capture a lot using the Instax wide film, and with good image quality. The camera body is well made and can definitely take a few drops.

  • 65mm f/12.7 lens with three focus zones
  • Three shooting mode
  • Wide angle photos
  • Viewfinder can be inaccurate


There aren’t a lot of instant cameras that offer analog square format and features that are found in the Instax SQ6. It performs similar to the Lomo Instant Square camera, but offers three modes. These include a selfie mode, a landscape mode, and a standard mode.. It uses square Instax film, which is larger than the Instax mini film. The image quality is great, and it also features a powerful flash for low-light photography. It supports 10 pack films and has decent eject times. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera is a good alternative.


The Instax camera SQ6 has a square design that features retro styling. It has three buttons at the back along with LED backlit icons that show the modes and other information. The flash supports filters and three are provided with the camera, which can add a little colour to the photos. It is available in Blush Gold, Graphite Gray, Ruby Red, and three more options. The lens will protrude out based on the mode selected, which makes it a little bulkier. If you prefer a modern design, check out the Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera.


This is the first analog Instax camera from Fujifilm, as other Instax cameras before this were all digital. With support for square film format, the retro design, and three shooting modes, the Square SQ6 is a great value for money. It produces good quality pictures and compares well to other Square format cameras. The flash is bright, and you get easy exposure controls as well. You could also try the Canon IVY CLIQ, which is a good alternative if you want a non-square format camera.

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Wrap Up

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 comes with three shooting modes, has a wide angle film format that can capture a lot more than standard format, and features a three focus zone lens. Although the viewfinder can be somewhat inaccurate due to its placement, the Square SQ6 still takes great photos. It is certainly one of the best square format Instax cameras in the market.

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