Frontier VoIP Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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As one-part internet service providers, Frontier Communications has always offered great internet plans for low prices, and their VoIP service follows the same trend. To be the best VoIP, cost is always a concern. Luckily Frontier VoIP’s performance and wide range of plans helps find a tier that fits well for your needs or the needs of your business.

Why We Like It – Frontier VoIP

Providing fast internet and VoIP services at a price most small businesses can get behind, while offering some growth should your business expand.

  • Fiber optic internet
  • A variety of options to fit your business
  • Great customer service; 24/7
  • Doesn’t reach nationwide
  • Best deals are bundles


Frontier VoIP has pretty good performance for what you’re paying. It certainly isn’t the fastest internet speeds, but value-wise? It fits perfectly on a handful of people. The internet Frontier offers starts at 12mbps download speeds and 1mbps upload speeds. See? Not the fastest, but that plan costs $35. And rather than stuff phone calls with a bunch of features, some of which you’ll never use, you can mix and match. Frontier VoIP isn’t available in every state, however, though large populated areas like New York are usually covered.

What we liked most was customer service. You’d be surprised how few VoIPs offer 24/7 technical support. The objectively better RingCentral and Jive offer it, but Vonage does not. And with Frontier being the way it is, we’re glad customer support was quick to answer and fix any issue. Looking for affordable cloud-based communication services for your business? Check our 8×8 VPN review.


By design, Frontier VoIP is supposed to be easy; it has to be if it wants to attract small businesses. Unfortunately, installation fees are involved, even if you know how to set it up yourself, which is $100. On the bright side, once it’s ready, it works largely in the background, without your touch. To make the process even easier, there’s a handful of phones Frontier suggests you use to further streamline their service. You should also check out another highly reviewed VoIP service by clicking our GoToConnect VoIP review.


Each service that Frontier offers is fine on its own; you’ll still get a great deal with Frontier internet. But to really get the most out of its phone lines and high speed internet, you’re better off picking a bundle. For example, tying Frontier FiOS (fiber internet) with VoIP, and you’ll pay less for each service per month than you would with a service by itself. If you’re on the brink of starting a business, and you haven’t chosen your communications services yet—this can be a great opportunity to lock yourself in now! But what if you’re already tied to other internet services? You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of each. Still, for new and small businesses, this isn’t a problem; either way you’re getting a great service.

Frontier VoIP Wrap Up

Frontier VoIP fits snuggly on just about any small business, provided they exist in a state Frontier can offer their services. And while bundles are often annoying, they provide the best deal possible, with the option to tweak services. In return you get fiber optic internet and 24/7 technical support that never quits.

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