The best smartwatch should be classy. Ready for a smart watch that puts the emphasis on class, style, and vintage looks as well as multiple app features? Chinese firm Shanda has your back with the Geak Watch 2, an upgrade from its previous Geak Watch with a well-planned crowdfunding project. This is not the best smartwatch for kids, but adults will love the style. Compare this smartwatch with our review of the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition review to decide which is best for you.

Amidst anticipation for the Apple Watch and the growing number of fitness bands/smart watches crowding the new market, Geak Watch 2 (Chinese site) manages to stand out thanks to its remarkably unique design. The watch may run on Android 4.3, but it can look as much like an elegant, traditional watch as you want with its circular, 1.7 inch display and focus on traditional clock hands. The watch will be available in two different models, a normal version and a Pro model.

Smart watch features include 2.4GHz WiFi, 2GB of memory, and Bluetooth 4.0. You can switch the display to all sorts of specific designs, but you can also use the LCD screen and the classic-looking control knobs to control various apps and even respond to texts, etc. The whole thing is connected via leather straps and looks like a vintage watch in many respects – but a watch hiding a whole set of digital features.

The Pro model gets some extra, especially interesting features, including extra battery life, higher quality materials, a heart rate sensor, and voice command capabilities.

Another benefit is the battery life. Geak Watch makes the smart move of switching to an e-ink display for its clock when the watch is not in direct use, allowing the screen to save energy and stretching the battery like by as much as 18 days.

Of course, with unique design comes unique limitations. Controlling apps with a few classic knobs and buttons is tricky for all but the simplest operations. When it comes to texting someone back, you are far more likely to get out your smartphone than try to navigate the complex system of picking out letters with the Geak Watch.

Currently the Geak Watch II Pro is a highly successful project on Pozible, where you can still donate and reserve your own model. Based on the Pozible information, the watch should be friendly for English-speakers and its format looks like it will function happily with a number of Android phones, so don’t worry too much about Chinese translation issues. Worry instead about availability outside the Asia-Pacific area: This smart watch may be hard to find overseas, especially if you aren’t in the United States.

Additionally, you’ll have to donate more than $400 to actually get a Geak II when shipping begins in early 2015. Otherwise, you’ll just get a discount when the time comes to buy your own.

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