A fan for your fanny has to be one of the strangest bathroom essentials.

Just because everybody does it, doesn’t mean everybody needs to smell it is my motto! For those who live with others who don’t always use air freshener after they do their business in the bathroom comes this ingenious toilet seat that comes with its very own built-in fan! For another toilet seat upgrade, you should also read our guide to the multi layered toilet seat (one for each family member). The Fresh Air Plus toilet seat eliminates unsavory bathroom odors of its occupants without the need for special air freshener plugins, spray or matches. You can now do you business in peace without having to worry about leaving behind your scent or walking into someone else’s left over smell from last night’s Indian dinner. Take this out in your on the road with your best composting toilet to keep your RV smelling fresh.

The Fresh Air Plus looks like a regular toilet seat, but adds some special magic inside. When you sit on the seat, the fan will automatically turn on so that any weird and foul odors are dispensed through the vent, leaving no odor evidence behind. And best of all is that you don’t need a new toilet! you just attache the Fresh Air Plus toilet seat to your existing one, plug it in and then connect the hose to a vent outside to push the smells out. Definitely a must in any bachelor pad, the toilet seat will soon be looking for funding via Kickstarter very soon. Until then, sign up on their site for updates (and continue to use some sort of air freshener!).


Kristie Bertucci

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