Fossil Q Founder Brings a Classy Smartwatch to Market

Not really a smartwatch for women, but this is a good looking watch here. Fossil has finally jumped into the smartwatch market in a big way with the Q Founder, a name that follows the traditional Q line but offers a nifty smartwatch in a steely style, including a 1.5-inch circular touchscreen.

While the face of the watch may look familiar, behind that touchscreen there is software based on Android Wear, 4GB worth of storage space, and a bountiful 1GB of RAM, which should make your Android apps nice and speedy.

Like many smartwatches that are made in a classical style, the Q Founder is focused primarily on apps that use sensors and communicate data, but don’t really need much screen time. Motion tracking and similar features provide plenty of activity tracking throughout the day, although you’ll probably want to switch to something else when heading to the gym. Google apps that work with the watch include Google Fit, Google Play Music, and more. There’s also some talk of companion apps in the electronics reviews, but details are still a little fuzzy about this.

Fossil Q Founder
The Q Founder screen is made for basic updates.

The battery on this wearable technology is worth noting, with 24 hours of battery life – something that the Apple Watch certainly can’t provide.

While it’s good that Fossil is entering the smartwatch market, we can’t help but notice the similarity to some of the other smartwatch reviews out there, especially offerings like the Moto 360 that try for a similar style. Sure, these other watches don’t have the Fossil brand name…but that’s about all they are lacking.

Now is the time when we mention pricing, and while the Q Founder is not quite shipping yet, prices appear to be $275 for the general, leather-strap version. For the full stainless steel look that Fossil is well known for, you’ll need to pay around $295.

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