Fossil Explorist Stainless Touchscreen Smartwatch Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Fossil Explorist Stainless Touchscreen Smartwatch is a quality accessory with an impressive battery life. For those who are focused on Android wear that can give you all the fitness features you could possibly need, this one fits the bill. Heart rate and activity tracking using google fit, as well as a built-in GPS for distance tracking and Google Assistant to help you on your way, makes this possibly the best Android smartwatch. Aside from all the fitness perks, this smart watch can also cover your everyday needs. Like the Ticwatch Pro Smartwatch, alerts, calendar, music and third-party apps allow you to comfortably head out for your workout and not worry about a bulky mobile phone. However, incase you prefer a different device, this Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch Contactless Payments review may provide a better option.

Why We Like It – Fossil Explorist Stainless Touchscreen Smartwatch

The Fossil Explorist Stainless Touchscreen Smartwatch is a quality smartwatch that offers you spot on heart rate and activity tracking using Google fit, and has a classic design that allows you to use it as an everyday accessory. Compared to other smartwatches of this price range, this one is a device you can feel comfortable buying.

  • Nice classic design
  • Lightweight
  • Good tracking
  • Battery can last longer


Powered with Android Wear 0S, the watch works really well with Google owned apps, such as Google pay, to make this device an everyday tool, rather than just for when you work out. The watch battery lasts and lasts, using magnetic USB rapid chargers, so you can charge up to 80% in under an hour. But the Wear OS is definitely made for you to workout with. The built-in GPS tracks your movement and progress, anywhere in the United States, and the watch itself is waterproof, allowing you to track yourself while swimming.


The Fossil GEN 5 watch face is a sharp looking classic design, nicer than most, with the touch screen allowing you to track your heart rate and receive notifications. The watch is lightweight, and the band is fully adjustable. Along with the stainless steel watch faces, there are two buttons on the right hand side which allow you to open any apps you need quickly, as well as the ability to rotate through options flawlessly. Much like the Samsung Galaxy Android Smartwatch, the display itself is quite big, allowing you to easily see heart rate tracking, stats or lists. You do have a variety of different designs to choose from including black, silver, blue, rose gold, or gunmetal.


You’re going to get plenty of bang for your buck with this new generation smart watch. The OS includes Explorist HR, And the excellent battery life already makes this a good deal. Customer service is pretty spot on, which is, for some people, worth every penny. For what you’re paying here, the tech is impressive and if you want a new smart watch for a good deal with all the perks, this is probably the watch for you. Plus, it does enough for you to leave your phone behind whenever you go for a run, which for some people, is worth it in itself. Excellent customer service is another perk. If you are still undecided, you may read the Fitbit Fitness Smartwatch Tracking Included review.

Fossil Explorist Stainless Touchscreen Smartwatch Wrap Up

The Fossil Explorist Stainless Touchscreen Smartwatch has all the tech specs that you are looking for in a new smartwatch. Although this is a pretty large size timepiece, like the Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Android Smartwatch, to have on your wrist, the design is worth it because it looks like an everyday watch. No need to take it out only when you are working out, it doubles for a fashionable accessory. The performance is spot on, giving you incredibly accurate readings and the everyday multimedia features makes you feel comfortable leaving the house without any other devices weighing you down.

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