Fossil Bifold Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Headquartered in the united states, Fossil is a very well known fashion brand that sells clothing items and accessories ranging from leather bags, watches, and jewelry for both men and women. They also happen to sell the Best Cool Wallets, so if you’re shopping around for the Best Coin Wallet, they’re one of the few brands that you can never go wrong with. Take the Fossil Men’s Quinn Leather Large Coin Pocket Bifold Wallet, for example. This is a well made leather wallet that you’ll be able to get in either black or dark brown, and since it features a durable and sophisticated design, it’ll stay in style for a very long time.

Why We Like It – Fossil Bifold Wallet

Retailing at about $47 with free shipping, the Fossil Bifold Wallet might be slightly more expensive than the typical wallet, but with RFID blocking technology and a large coin pocket, it should be great for everyday use.

  • Made of 100% genuine leather
  • Large coin pocket
  • Up to 8 credit card slots
  • Might get bulky when filled up


The Fossil Leather Bifold Wallet boasts of a nice, slim design, and is 100% made of genuine leather. The wallet also has an easily noticeable leather strip that runs across its bottom half, giving it a clean, edgy look. The wallet doesn’t feature an outward zip enclosure like the Vera Bradley Women’s Wallet does, but it will still be able to hold a lot of your stuff. Like most leather Fossil wallets, it feels very soft to the touch, and is guaranteed to stay that way if you take good care of it.


Being a product that’s made out of 100% leather, you should expect that the Fossil Bifold Leather wallet should stay in good shape for a while, but you might want to make sure that you keep it away from direct sunlight or rain. These elements tend to make the material crack, which would certainly not be a good look for the wallet.


The fossil men’s Bi-fold wallet features up to 8 credit card slots, which is 5 more than what you’ll get with the AnnabelZ Coin Purse leather wallet. There are 4 card slots each on the left and right hand side of the wallet, and there’s also a large capacity coin wallet on the left side that you’ll be able to use to store any of your excess coins. A removable steel money clip that can handle up to 15 bills, maybe something you need, and The Forrest & Harold Wallet is a wallet you can consider purchasing.


Measuring about 4.5 x 0.75 x 3.5 inches, the Fossil Bifold Wallet will easily be able to fit in your back pocket, but might be a bit uncomfortable to place in your front pocket. However, it is a lot less bulky than the CLUCI Wallet for Women and is, therefore, a lot easier to carry around. It also won’t bulge out as much, thanks to its fairly slim profile, but if you fill its coin pocket with a lot of coins, then this might not be the case.


To keep your credit cards safe from electronic pickpocketing, the Fossil Bifold Wallet features RFID blocking technology. You should look forward to this, especially if you tend to frequent airports or anywhere else you’ll have to stand in line for a while.

Fossil Bifold Wallet Wrap Up

We wish that the Fossil Bifold Wallet came with a flip id cardholder, but other than that, we found it to be pretty fine. The wallet looks great and has enough credit card slots that most people can use with ease.

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