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While a lot of people find that a large size fan does a lot to circulate the room with more than enough air, some people only need a small oscillating tower fan that’s fit for their own personal use. This can be something that they could decide to place on their table or bedside, instead of at the corner of their room. If this sounds like you, then you may like what the Forty4 Small Oscillating Tower Fan has to offer.

It’s about 13 inches tall, and has a base that’s about 4.13 inches wide. It may not be the best tower air conditioner around, but it’s a space-saver that is unlike the Kopbeau tower fan. But, if you’re looking for a solution that’ll help you save space and one that’s also very easily portable, like the NexGadget portable A/C, then it could be the one for you. Read on to find out more about its features and compare it to some of the most impressive air conditioners.

Why We Like It – Forty4 Small Oscillating Tower Fan

The Forty4 Small Oscillating Tower Fan can be more accurately described as a mini tower fan that’s easily portable and has about two fan speeds that you can switch to. It’s also pretty quiet, and has an oscillating function where it’s able to oscillate for up to 60 degrees.

  • Mini-sized at 13 inches high
  • Wide oscillation of about 60 degrees
  • Built-in safety plug that stops the main power supply
  • Limited to only 2 fan speeds


The Forty4 Small Oscillating Tower Fan is the perfect option for anyone that’s not in the market for a room-size fan, and is also one of the best options to go for if you only need something fit for an individual. It’s more than 20 inches shorter than the Dyson Cool AM07 tower fan, and features a rotary dial on its top section that allows you to adjust your desired speed level. You’ll be able to switch between only two fan speeds, and even though this might be a bit limiting, the portable fan remains pretty quiet when functioning, which is good even though it’s not a quiet through-the-wall air conditioner. For another portable unit that’s also evaporative, check out the Evapolar Portable Air Conditioner.

Energy Efficiency

The Forty4 Small Oscillating Tower Fan is very energy efficient, and this is a result of its reduced size and limited fan speeds. It’s like what you’ll get for not using the top-rated small window air conditioner. Unlike the TaoTronics Tower Fan, the Forty4 tower fan doesn’t have a timer, so you’ll have to manually shut it off or switch it on depending on when you need to have it functioning. If you’re looking for an option that features a timer for controlled use, read our Friedrich Chill Premier review.


There’s also no filter on the Forty4 Oscillating Tower Fan Portable, but you will be able to remove the front grille in instances where you need to wash it, and this is important to do because it’ll help you maintain the unit in good working condition. Most tower fans also don’t come with a filter installed, so it’s nothing new especially if you’ve used one before.


Backed by a warranty that lasts close to 1 year, the Forty4 oscillating fan doesn’t boast of anything special with regards to coverage. The Lasko T42951 also has coverage that lasts just as long, with 1 year being the industry standard. Now if you’re not a fan of this warranty but still want an oscillating tower fan, consider giving our Dyson AM07 review a read which features a 2 year warranty.


You’ll probably only find value with the Forty4 portable electric desk fan if you plan to be able to carry it around often. It doesn’t have as many fan levels to choose from, but it is a quiet personal cooling fan that’ll keep you cool and relaxed whenever you’re working or sleeping. It doesn’t have that many highlights to talk about, but it is silent, and has an impressively wide oscillation angle of 60 degrees for its small size.

Forty4 Small Oscillating Tower Fan Wrap Up

To prevent any kind of electric hazard from occurring, the Forty4 electric desk fan quiet personal cooler has a safety plug that stops the main power supply in case of any electrical hazard, keeping you safe any time you use it.