Forrest & Harold Wallet Review

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Updated June 1, 2023
90 Expert Rating

A fair number of Best Cool Wallets use leather better than the Forrest & Harold Wallet, but it’s far from being ugly. With over a dozen colors to choose from, many of which are two-tone with contrast stitching, means you’ll find a color you like. Furthermore, its slim design means it shares many features with the Best Front Pocket Wallet.

Why We Like It – Forrest & Harold Wallet

The Forrest & Harold Wallet is only concerned with carrying a fair number of credit cards, but also more than a few bills, seen by its inclusion of a removable money clip.

  • Holds 8 cards + 12 bills
  • Slim, minimalist profile
  • Includes a removable money clip
  • Difficulty grasping cards
  • Lacks RFID protection


The Forrest Harold Slim Wallet isn’t the prettiest minimalist wallet out there, but it does an admiral job shaking up the formula a bit. Rather than go with same-color stitching, many of its color choices use contrast stitching. Darker tones tend to be stitched with brightly colored embroidery, like black grey, black red, black blue, navy stone, rust navy, charcoal rust, and espresso stone. That’s way more than the Herschel Charlie Wallet is offering.


Top grain leather can take a beating, naturally, and the Forrest & Harold Wallet appears to stand up to the test of time. However, we question the warranty that comes with. It’s only 2 years, which is still a long stretch of time, but wallets of this caliber tend to come with a warranty of 3 or more years. It isn’t comforting that it’s shorter. The Tommy Hilfiger Wallet is hand washable, when dirty if that is a major concern for you.


On paper, the Forrest & Harold Wallet sounds great. It holds 8 cards and comes with a removable steel money clip to handle up to 15 bills. But here’s the issue: any cards stored on the outside can be a research of patience to remove. That’s less of an issue with the Crabby Wallet. Then there’s the lack of RFID protection, a feature necessary for so many cards.

Size & Versatility

There’s no doubting the Forrest & Harold Wallet will fit in your front or back pocket. Even when you factor in the maximum number of cards and money, the wallet makes really good use of its space and keeps the thickness down. It only measures 4.87 x 3.25 x 0.75 inches in size.


Unfortunately, the Forrest & Harold Wallet has a few too many negatives for any potential buyer to really sink their teeth in. Its slim profile is ideal for minimalists, and it handles a fair number of cards. But its quality is questionable, and it doesn’t make it easy to reach cards. A better choice would be the Vaultskin Notting Hill Wallet.

Forrest & Harold Wallet Wrap Up

As your average, minimalist wallet, the Forrest & Harold Wallet can serve its purpose for those looking to replace their fat, unsightly wallet. It can handle 8 cards and 15 bills at the same time, with the help of its money clip, which is more than enough for the average user. However, it doesn’t have RFID, and cards are hard to reach.

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