Ford F-150 Becomes The Bat-Truck For Comic-Con


If you think about it, Batman is, in addition to the greatest master of martial arts in the world and the greatest detective on the planet, a killer contractor and engineer. There’s no way he hired a normal contractor to build the Batcave, and Alfred may have a lot of talents, but he’s only one aging butler. No, the construction and architecture world lost a genius the day Batman decided to beat people up instead of get therapy.

But this raises the question of how he got all those building materials. The answer? The Bat-Truck!

OK, so the Bat-Truck is not actually an official Bat-vehicle. Well, yet, give the comics time. But it is a new custom vehicle debuted at San Diego Comic-Con this week, and it’s got a heck of a pedigree.

This was built to pay tribute to the original TV series Batmobile, a custom job built on a Ford Futura by George Barris. The series may not have aged well in some respects, but the Batmobile sure has: The original recently sold at auction for a stunning $4.2 million. You can own an exotic supercar for that kind of money.

So, Jared Barris, the grandson of George, worked with Galpin Auto Sports to turn a Ford F-150 into “The Crimefighter”, a Bat-Truck with the classic black-and-red paint scheme and modest bat-fins on either side of the bed. And, unlike the original Batmobile, if you see this and you really want one, Galpin can make it happen; they’ve been cleared to take orders and build the custom themselves.


Imagine, for a moment, pulling into the Home Depot parking lot in this thing. Imagine the stares you’ll get. Imagine the glory you’ll… well, OK, there’s probably no glory in actually driving the Bat-Truck. But, hey, at least you have a Bat-Truck.

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