Just like CDs and DVDs, using re-recordable media makes the lifespan of your data decrease significantly. You might even see the results of this now if you try to play a CD-R you burned in 2000 or so. So, if there are documents, photos, or anything else  you want to last a while, I recommend he SanDisk SD Worm. This 1GB memory card lets you put data on it once, but that data is expected to last 100 years without degradation. It will be useful for legal matters as well.  My question is — what device is going to read this type of data in 100 years? If you don’t need your device to last forever, take a look at our Eye-Fi Connect X2 4GB Class 6 SHDC memory card review for 4GB of storage. It’s available now, but only in Japan — sorry folks. You may also want to read about the best micro SD card.

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