Playing For Honor with a Mouse vs Controller

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Updated December 2, 2022

Avid gamers often consider a premium computer mouse the best input method for competitive games, but the For Honor controller vs. mouse debate is far from settled. A modern gaming mouse provides extra button layouts and sensitivity settings, but some players prefer dual-stick controllers for multiplayer games. Finding an ideal gaming control layout can improve your skills and keep you comfortable over long sessions. So, stick around to explore playing For Honor with a mouse vs. a controller.


  • For Honor players on PC should choose the input method they are comfortable with because there are no meaningful differences between mouse and controller inputs.
  • Players on For Honor’s console version must use a controller because mouse and keyboard inputs are unsupported and against the TOS.
  • Mouse users experience a slight edge in targeting speed, while controller users enjoy better ergonomics and character control.

Picking a control input is largely up to personal preference in single-player titles. Similar to the Skyrim mouse vs. controller debate, you want a comfortable layout that allows for efficient and controlled game actions. Additionally, investigating the Hades controller vs. mouse and keyboard conversation proves that there isn’t an optimal input method for all situations.

Insider Tip

Expect a learning curve after switching to a new control setup because it takes time to build muscle memory.

That said, competitive titles like For Honor require specific strategies to win matches. So, some players choose specific input devices like a Steam Controller or mouse buttons to improve their in-game performance.

For Honor: Controller vs Mouse and Keyboard

For Honor is a competitive multiplayer title that requires speed and precision to win matches. While 2D fighting game players rely on d-pad controls, For Honor is a 3D title that requires a simultaneous camera and player movement.

Many experts recommend controllers for fighting games, but mouse players are still highly successful in competitive For Honor matches. While the differences between the control options are marginal, investigating this issue might level up your gameplay.

Targeting Speed

Mouse navigation is the faster choice across multiple genres, and For Honor is no different. That said, the difference is less noticeable in For Honor compared to FPS and third-person shooters. Mouse players have a slight speed advantage in blocking and parrying compared to controller users, but not enough to make a meaningful difference.


For Honor uses the right analog stick on the controller for blocking and parrying, so pad players are slightly limited compared to mouse users. That said, slower character classes are usually better played on controllers due to enhanced control with the gamepad.


You will never find an optimal input method unless you stick with a default control solution for two to three weeks.


Most experts recommend a keyboard and mouse for precision aiming in most titles. Unless you specialize in speed-based characters, you shouldn’t notice an accuracy difference between mouse and controller inputs.

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Cheaper Option

There are plenty of affordable third-party Xbox-compatible controllers and gaming mice on the market. In general, premium options are the better choice, regardless of whether you choose a controller or gaming mouse model.

For Honor Mouse vs. Controller FAQs

Does For Honor support mouse and keyboard controls on Xbox?

For Honor does not support mouse and keyboard controls on the Xbox or PlayStation console versions. Console players should not use third-party adapters to bypass the keyboard and mouse restriction because it violates the For Honor terms of service.

Do ergonomic mice have a learning curve?

Ergonomic mice have a learning curve, even for the most avid PC gamers. It is normal to experience a loss of control in games and applications as you gain experience with an ergonomic mouse.

Are keyboard and mouse controls good for racing games?

Unless you’re using a racing wheel, most experts recommend a controller input for driving games. While some racing titles offer decent keyboard and mouse controls, they do not offer the intuitive comfort of a racing wheel or a gamepad with analog sticks.
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