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For all things quality, the Focus Paralene2 champions a place among the best electric road bikes, for its lightweight carbon frame that’s designed to reduce fatigue. You’ll need as much energy as possible considering the battery can reach 1000km on a single charge. Also, the Shimano brakes are superb in wet conditions.

Why We Like It – Focus Paralane2

With a flexible tube cross-sections and great terrain absorption, the Focus Paralane2 offers some of the best comfortability when on the road, reducing overall fatigue.

  • Lightweight, only 28 lbs.
  • Great stopping power, even in rain
  • Design helps reduce fatigue
  • Motor doesn’t help once speeds reach 20mph
  • Battery can’t be locked onto frame

Durability & Build Quality

Through carbon technology, the Focus Paralane2 is one of the lightest e road bikes around, weighing in at just 28 lbs. It’s flexible, yet durable and comfortable, absorbing the bumps and dings during your riding experience. BBB Deluxe handlebars have a 125mm drop and 70mm reach, with a stem of the same nature, but 31.8mm. To complement the wheels, Focus incorporated a DT Swiss RR521 SPLINE DB, 32mm height, with Swiss 370 boost hub.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

While the Focus Paralene2 is capable of reaching 20mph, the electric motor won’t be of any assistance. Once the rear hub realizes you’ve his 20mph, it will cut off and leave the pedaling to you. The Fazua motor offers extra power with Fazua Evation, adding slight road boost where needed. The Specialized Turbo Creo SL can max out at 28mph.

Range & Battery

Near the bottom bracket is the battery pack. The range it can travel isn’t so cut and dry. Depending on your weight and environment, it can last up to 1000km, but results may vary. The battery is removable, which can reduce extra weight for a lighter ride.

Safety Features

While the Focus Paralane2 is naturally safer than cheap, typical e bikes, it isn’t offering anything more than what you see. It doesn’t have fenders, nor lights. What it does have are amazing Shimano Ultegra R8020 hydraulic disc brakes, which are great road disc brakes to have when it’s raining. If accessories are necessary, the Trek Domane+ is open to customization.


As excellent as the performance can be under the hood of the Focus Paralene2 road bikes, dropping $8300 is asking for a lot, to be frank. This is especially true considering it doesn’t offer substantial safety features, other than excellent brakes and comfortable design. On a budget, we’d pick up the Orbea Gain eBike.

Focus Paralane2 Wrap Up

The Focus Paralene2 uses a staggering number of forward-thinking technology to improve control, speed, and performance overall. It’s lightweight, yet strong and flexible. With such a design, fatigue is reduced and you ride longer. More importantly, you’ll always trust your brakes, even in rain. If you commute, keep the battery on you.

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